Home coming 1 - Trek to Nagala 11-12 Mar 2017 - Write up by Musthafa & Rekki

Thursday, March 16, 2017
Why did I go?

Somewhere while bouldering, when I told Ruthira that I and my wife were fresher for this trek, he asked me, “Why did we come for such a trek?” and his face completed the question – “without prior experience”. I did not really have an answer then.

It has been two days since I understood I had forgotten to believe in myself. Today, as I regain my strength, I thank the Gods for doing this trek.

Tick! Tick! Tick!

For a while my life had become really stagnant and I was getting mad. It was like staring into a clean white canvas for a really long time. I and my wife had been through a personal loss. That too was somewhere stuck in our minds. For those who had not guessed yet, Reeki is my wife😀
Had I been more romantic I would have taken here to exotic locales to quench our loss, but most of us are simply hard and dumb 🙁 instead what did I do?

I had been to Nagala during Sept 2014 with Sankar and Subha, so when this home coming invite popped in, I registered. It simply came at a mindset where I had to look beyond everything around me. 

I hope this answers Ruthira’s question and myself. The reason why I needed this trek. 😉

To be honest I felt my last trek was really difficult, but this one I feel was more adventurous. It took me sometime to convince Reeki that we can go for this. She was aware about our bad stamina and lack of physical activities in our routine. But we both were raring to go. It can only make us stronger.

The Trek - Saturday

Saturday morning 4:00AM at Tidal, until 3:55AM when I and Reeki were nearing Tidal, we were still thinking to drop the plan – our only concern was, we will be slow and because of that the trek would not be a really good experience for others. But yes we got onto the van.

I’m glad Sankar remembered me from the previous trek.

The best thing about treks is when you look into any stranger’s eyes around you, there is always a smile to greet you, as they too want to know you, start a chat, as we are going to spend two days together. So making friends is a great thing in treks. 

I didn’t remember from my previous visit that the short trip from Uthukkottai to the base would be a beautiful landscape as the sun was welcoming us to the mountains. As we unpacked, there was confusion on who was the JAWABDHARI – Since the first S couldn’t make it, naturally everyone looked up to the second S 😀

And we started from the base with Organizer’s extra ordinary inspirational speech!! She managed to say one helpless word – “Grrrr.. Sankar!!” 😁 At that moment 30 of us began the ascent.

I had mentally prepared myself and Reeki for the central peak but was glad we started with the east. For her it was her life’s first trek. We did pretty well until it was dark. After then reaching the camp site became unbearable and without Organizer’s help I would not have made it to the camp site on Saturday night, when my shoes chose to give away.

Somewhere in between the count became 31!! Medical miracle!!

Ultimately reaching the picnic pool was worth it. I didn’t sleep much. As, apart from fatigue I was trying to soak into the sound of waterfall, fireflies swarming above, the full moon and the stillness of nature. But before we went to sleep - Ruthira, Senthil and Co's Special Trek Upma was the highlight of the entire day. Too many cooks spoil the dish, but that night, with the blessings of Nagala, they made MAGIC!

It tasted great. No wonder they were themselves surprised 😉 That upma’s glamour quotient hit the roof when Senthil fixed it in the morning with some turmeric and salt.

Memorable Sunday

I loved the swims which I miss in the city. It was amusing to see how quickly everyone bonds in a trip, making fun and cracking jokes. Unfortunately Organizer was the most trolled person, but she always had that gracefully disarming smile.

Bouldering is that six hour part of the trek which I want to forget as it broke me psychologically again and again. But I will remember it no matter what. I found strength in the people around me, their attitude to deal with first timers was God like. Their support overcame the size of the boulders and kept me going. 

Only after reaching the downward trail I was able to register Brij’s typical jokes. He, Senthil and Pratik were superhuman while bouldering, they had to be frustratingly patient and yet keep us moving. 

And somewhere during the down trail Ruthira and Brij planned to smuggle something illegal from Nagala - not sure if they brought it down with them 🤔


Honestly I am not really a confident person. When my mind failed, the heart pushed the body and when the heart failed, the mind took over. But when both failed I am grateful for life to the sweepers who helped us achieve the mountain. I wish I could single out the names to thank, but then CTC’s spirit of volunteering and embracing pain will have no meaning.

So after reaching the base I said a silent prayer from the deepest of my heart for each one of you. Almighty bless you all. It has been a wonderful experience as always with a CTC team. One best thing about this and any CTC event is the RESPONSIBILITY factor. I salute you guys.

All of you were simply awesome and divinely helpful. Wish someday I can give back what I owe you. And lastly I am proud of Reeki as she nudged through everything. And we do feel responsible for at least 2hrs lag, but we did our best! Apologies.

Like Ruthira told me, after every exhaustive trek, just when the body and mind have failed, the next thing we want to do is 'another trek' 👿 Hope my mind gets crazy again sooner than later.

Each time I walk down a mountain I remember a quote – As a mountain you cannot grow any stronger, but as a man I will come back stronger!!

Take care and stay strong friends!!

Thanks and Regards,
-- Mohamed Musthafa Varusai

Hello Every One , Reeki here , (the one who could barely walk after the trek ) to remind you all
First of all million thanks to each one of you.
Nagala is first trek of my life. I had never thought of going for a trek until 2 weeks back, when my husband convinced me to go for this. I did not have any idea how it was going to be and I did not have any assumption of it also.
Now two days after the trek while writing about this, I think it was a right decision to go for it
I won’t say it changed my life but it definitely showed me an entirely different way of life. The life of a CTC volunteer & trekker - a life with positive attitude, helping others, enjoying the pain, challenging your physical and mental strength and embracing nature. I look forward to be one of them as it is really beautiful way to live your life.
Thanks to all of you who stayed back to lead my way, carried my bag, gave me your hand to climb up, cooked for us, advised me what to do & what not, held torch for me, and all who waited till I reach the point … it means a lot to me and once again my sincere apologies for slowing you down … I will make it sure at least I will be much better in my next one.

2 things best about this trek --- the beauty of Nagala and wonderful group – without whom I would have never in my wildest dreams completed this trek with one apple one banana , 4 dates and 5 spoon of upma and few pieces of orange!!

Nice clicks Hopeland and Ruthira - funny when I see myself in them that I actually made it. God bless you all.

Warm Regards
Reeki Mishra

Pics - Hopeland & Ruthira



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