Chennai Triathlon, July 1st - Sprint / Olympic / Half Iron - Registrations Open

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Event Summary

Date: Jul 1st, 2017
Objective: non-profit event to promote an active lifestyle through sports
Associated cause: CTC's zero-waste model community Srinivasapuram
Venue: Ottiyambakkam, 1 hour South of Chennai
Entry criteria swim timings
Registrations Closing 15th June


Half Iron1.9K90K21K600Rs


Swim: open still waters (150m long open waters)
Cycling: OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road), suitable for road bikes. Participants to bring own cycle or rent one (available stores: Probikers, Balaji Cycles, Just Rent Cycles, Just Buy Cycles)
Run: 5K loop on tar road / dirt track

Entry Criteria

Participants should have completed (one of) below swimming distances within the indicated timings:

Olympic25min40min1 hour
Half Iron40min1 hour


CategoryStartCut off (Men)Cut off (Women)
Sprint6:00 AM3 hours3.5 hours
Half Iron1:00 PM9 hours10 hours
Olympic2:00 PM6 hours7 hours


The venue is located within 1 hour drive from city (will be announced in next few weeks)
Nearby hotels are available for outstation participants
Refreshments at aid Stations: swim + cycle (every 20K) + run (every 3K)
Sandwiches offered at cycle aid stations (Half Iron) / finish line (All)

BIB Collection

BIB can be collected either at Friday evening at Agni College or Saturday morning at the venue
Participation shirt - optional (350Rs, Kalenji brand with Chennai Triathlon logo)


Finisher Medal (only if finishing within cut-off timing) 
Timings will be tracked manually by volunteers
Free photographic coverage provided 1-2 days after event


Bay of Life - Swim partner
Probikers - Bike partner
Alert - First Aid Partner

Associated Cause

Chennai is suffering from an every growing garbage footprint. More than 6000 tonnes of mixed garbage leave the city each day causing significant environmental and health impact. Chennai Trekking Club is actively working on creating a zero waste model community at Srinivasapuram on the estuary of the Adyar river as an example for the rest of the city to follow. In a first phase we are engaged in cleaning up this beautiful hamlet near the sea while at the same time creating awareness on the need to segregate waste. We are setting up a self sustainable waste management model to make the community waste free through door collection, recycling and setting up a compost yard. Trees will be planted to green the hamlet and compost will be used as manure to grow the same. Regular updates are posted on FB of this 1 year project covering 5000 homes.



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