Annual Events

Annual events

Chennai Trail Marathon, Sep 2017

Ainthinai Green Day, Aug 2017

Registrations opening shortly

Jawadhu Hills Ultra, Aug 2017

Chennai Triathlon, Jul 2017

Chennai Coastal Cleanup/8, June 2017

Navigation Bootcamp, Apr-May 2017

Swimathon, Mar 2017

CTC Turns 9!, Feb 2017

CTC Turns 9 - Trek Polamaa!, Feb 2017

Top Volunteers 2016

Chennai Iron Triathlon, Dec 16

  Chennai Trail Marathon, Sep 16

Green Day, Sep 16

Jawadhu Hills Ultra, Aug 16
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Chennai Triathlon, Jul 16

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Chennai Coastal Cleanup, Jun 16

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Chennai Iron Triathlon, Mar 16

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Trek Polamaa VII, Feb 16

Chennai Floods, Dec 15

Green Day, Aug 15

Happy 3rd birthday Anthinai!

Chennai Trail Marathon, Sep 15

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Chennai Triathlon, Aug 15

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Javadhu Hills Ultra, July 15

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Chennai Coastal Cleanup, June 15

Group registrations Corporates, NGOs, Schools

Trek Polamaa VI, Feb-Mar 15

CTC Navigation Bootcamp, Feb-Mar 15

Assignment 1 - Latitude and Longitude
Assignment 2 - Map Reading and Trail Creation
Assignment 3 - Navigating the Plains
Assignment 4 - Contours and Topomaps
Assignment 5 - Topo Trails and Elevation Profiles
Assignment 6 - Compass, Altimeter and Bearings
Tutorial on reading bearings using compass and maps
Assignment 7 - Navigation the Hills

CTC Turns 7, Feb 15

Chennai Iron Triathlon, Dec 14
CTC Green Day, Nov 14

Javadhu Hills Ultra, Nov 14

Chennai Trail Marathon, Sep 14

Chennai Triathlon - Enticer, Sprint, Olympic, Half Iron, Jul 14

Saturday, July 12th - Enticer + Sprint at Velachery Aquatic Complex - event details
Sunday, July 13th - Olympic + Half Iron at Ottiambakkam open waters - event details

CTC's Green Team turns 2 - Jun 14

Chennai Coastal Cleanup/5, India Clean Sweep, Jun 14

Triathlon, Mar 14

Trek Polamaa V, Mar 14

On the occasion of our 6th birthday and for the 5th consecutive year CTC brings you a wonderful cast of speakers from across South India to talk about their passion on the areas of wildlife, nature, conservation, sports, photography. March 8-9 - reserve the dates, get inspired !

CTC Turns 6, Feb 14

CTC Turns 6 next month - We bring you 75 outdoor events over 4 weekends on Trekking, Cycling, Biking, Photography, Social, Family, Environment, Rock Climbing, Workshops and Sports. Pick your favorite events and reserve the dates

Dawn To Dusk Marathon, Jan 14

Chennai Trekking Club co-organized this fund raising marathon with founder Neville J Billimoria, Chennai Runners, Dream Runners, Tamilnadu Cycling Club and others. CTC was in charge of the Kids run in which 2000+ children participated. Total headcount was 6000 runners/cyclists. 200+ CTC volunteers supported this event.

Chennai Iron Triathlon, Dec 13

India's first Full Iron Distance Triathlon

Chennai Trail Marathon, Oct 13

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Chennai Triathlon, July 13

Chennai Coastal Cleanup/4, June 13

The fourth edition of our yearly mega-coastal cleanup to spread awareness on conservation of natural inheritance around our polluted metros.

Event Brochure
6th week update
The Hindu article
The Hindu School edition
Metro Plus

Treasure Hunt III, Apr 13

Chennai Triathlon, Mar 13

Trek Polamaa IV, Mar 13

Trek Polamaa IV, 4th edition of our symposium on outdoors, nature, adventure, environment and conservation

Program & Speakers

CTC Turns 5 - 40+ outdoor events, Feb 13

CTC celebrates its 5th birthday organizing 40+ outdoor events spread over 1 month including trekking, cycling, biking, photography, workshops, triathlon, social treks and conservation initiatives.

CTC Turns 5!
Group Photos

Kids run @ Neville's Dawn Till Dusk, Jan 13
Home Kids with medals

Fund raising event for Bal Sanjeevani Cerebral Palsy Rehab Centre for God's Own Children. Neville J. Bilimoria has been the main force behind this great event. The Kids Run was organized by CTC as part of this fund-raising event 

Summary of the Event

Tree Plantation Drives, 2012

CTC's green cell organized more then 10 tree plantation drives throughout the year planting more then 1000 sapplings.

Plantation Drive VII
Plantation Drive at SMK FOMRA
At Royal Garden, Kattupakkam
CTC's Triathlons, 2012

CTC organized 4 Triathlons through second half of 2012 in Chennai and Nagalapuram including Enticer, Sprint, Olympic and Half Iron distance.

Olympic Jungle Triathlon in Nagala
Half Iron distance Triathlon at Nagala
Swim like a Fish, Pedal like a Jockey, Run like a Stallion
Enticer, Sprint & Olympic at Chennai
Sprint Triathlon at Chennai
Enticer, Spring, Olympic, Half Iron at Chennai

CTC's Buckingham Canal Marathon, Sep 12

Chennai Buckingham Canal Marathon, Sep 2012, 500+ runners participated in CTC's maiden marathon, including a kids run and attracting participation from runners across South India including various external groups including Chennai Runners, Dream Runners, Cool Runners covered by The Hindu.

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Restoration of Devanoor Temple, May 12

Restoration of Devanoor temple near Guindy, hundred+ volunteers spent several weekends assisting in the restoration of this inheritance of historical importance.

Write up Part 1
Write up Part 2

Treasure Hunt II, May 12

5 teams searching for and decrypting clues hidden along their way to find the treasure deep inside the mountains. Map reading, navigation skills and physical fitness are key ingredients to win this race.

Introducing the Hunt
Summary of the Mission
The Emperors II
Maverick Meerkats
The Cavaliers

CTC's Trek Polamaa III, March 12

Trek Polamaa III, Mar 2012, 2-day symposium to create awareness on outdoors, nature and conservation in Chennai inviting various eminent speakers in the Industry attracting more then 1000+ visitors covered by Deccan Chronicle and The Hindu Metro Plus and Jaya TV

Program & Speakers
Speaker Profiles
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Jaya TV

CTC Turns 4!, Feb 12

CTC Turns 4!
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Chennai Coastal Cleanup/3, Jan 12

Chennai Coastal Cleanup III, Feb 2012 was inaugurated by the Chennai Mayor and involved 2500 volunteers from CTC and various companies and colleges like Nokia, CTS, HCL, MindTree, DELL, HP, Greenpeace, IIT Madras, Loyola college, Anna University, DG Vaishnav, Hindustan college and more. The event got covered by major publications like The Hindu and Times of India.

Line up of the Mission
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Summary of the Campaign

Treasure Hunt I, Jun 11
5 teams have to use their expertise in map reading, trail finding and navigation to reach first to the treasure hidden deep inside Nagalapuram

Introducing the Hunt
The Outcome of the Treasure Hunt

CTC's Trek Polamaa II, Feb 11

Trek Polamaa II, Feb 2011, 2-day symposium on outdoor, adventure and nature inviting various eminent guest speakers from the industry in IIT Madras attracting 1000+ visitors covered by The Hindu, Times of India and Metro Plus.

CTC Turns 3!
Speakers & Topics
News Coverage

Chennai Coastal Cleanup/2, Jan 11

Chennai Coastal Cleanup II, Jan 2011, 1000 volunteers consisting of CTC and several colleges, schools, companies and coastal villages cleaned up the entire Chennai coastal line over 15km covered by Times of India, Deccan Chronicle and Dinami. Participation from NOKIA, HP and Anna University.

Start of the Mission
Sequel for a Cause
Write up by participants

CTC's Be Positive campaign, Sep 10

Be Positive, Sep 2010, in collaboration with Rotary International, awareness campaign on blood donation through 2-day bike rally through Tamilnadu including 250 volunteers inaugurated by the Chennai Mayor , covered by Vikandan, Times of India, Dinami

Overview of the event

Mission Save Tada/2, Aug 10

Mission Save Tada II, Aug 2010, a major cleanup of the Tada Falls, in collaboration with SriCity and AP Forest Department, involving 250 volunteers and school children, covered by The Indian Express and The Hindu NXG

The Startup
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Channel uFX, Part 1Part 2Part 3

Video coverage Part 1, Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

Chennai Coastal Cleanup/1, May 10

Chennai Coastal Cleanup I, May 2010, massive cleanup including 900 volunteers and 15km of beaches including major companies like Nokia, HP and covered  by The Hindu, NXG, Times of India, NDTV Hindu television

Plan of Action
In the News

CTC's Trek Polamaa I, Mar 10

Trek Polamaa I, Mar 2010, 2-day symposium on outdoors & nature in Chennai inaugurated by Mr Napolean union minister of state, attracting 800 visitors, The Hindu, Chennai Online and TV channel uFX.

Program and Speaker Schedule
News coverage, presentations

Mission Save Tada/1, Nov 09

Mission Save Tada I, Nov 2009, 250 volunteers cleaning up famous Tada falls collecting 2 tons of garbage, covered by The Hindu, Indian Express, Economic Times, Eenadu television

How it started?
Outcome and results
Interview on ETV



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