CTC News - Trail Cycling in CTC

Thursday, March 30, 2017

MTB explorations started during the evolution of CTC as long distance touring trips and short week-day/week-end trips. Cycling is one of the best sports to keep oneself healthy, pedal along their own pace and also enjoy the surroundings of nature. 

CTCs long distance MTB rides involves 2-3 day trips, Week long and fortnightly trips venturing into the muddy and sluggish trails around nature’s ecstasy, camping under the stars, connect with some simple yet meaningful people and relish some best food around. Long distance MTB expeditions in CTC have been cross-country rides , venturing along the mighty mountains in the north and also outside the country trips including Srilanka and Nepal.

Apart from long duration MTB rides, weekday and weekend rides are organised in CTC to encourage participation of budding cyclists who can test their endurance inside the nature’s trails. Such rides have encouraged many to venture cycling as a touring hobby, practice as a sport and also take cycling as one of their fitness passion. Weekday morning MTB rides are organised as 2.5-3 hour early morning rides, on calm outskirts roads and into muddy trails with the bliss of early morning breeze and amidst rising morning sun. 

Weekend MTB rides are organised in CTC around the Western Ghats stretch, into the mountain trails, experiencing some breath-taking views, along unexplored trails, camping around river course and resting in the lap of nature. 

Beside short and long duration MTB rides in CTC, cycling is also pursued as a sport among 1000+ CTC volunteers who have gradually moved from amateur cyclists to long distance sport bike enthusiasts. 

Some of CTC’s volunteers chose cycling as their daily mode of locomotive to office resounding “Go-green” way of living, burn fat instead of fuel and opted to experience fitness as their daily routine.

Cycling is one of the universal locomotives and licensed to be driven in any terrain and one of the best suggested modes for touring at one’s own pace. 

In CTC every such cycling ride is remembered and etched as an experience, test pedaling endurance, enjoy the unexplored trails and captured as long lasting memory.

Come and be part of our MTB Expeditions. Happy Cycling!



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