CTC Pulicat Village Adoption Plan - Phase 1 - Restoring livelihood

Thursday, January 21, 2016
As part of our ongoing rehabilitation efforts CTC has scouted several remote hamlets near Pulicat which were impacted by the recent floods. We identified 4 villages with 170 poor families (scheduled caste) staying in huts which are flood affected and struggling with their livelihood. Through various visits of our CTC coordinators and local coordinator Ashok we identified the most stringent livelihood needs as listed below

Full details on our visit over here:

CTC coordinators: Peter 9600004509, Muthu 9840165007, Prabakar 9840130464
Local coordinator: Ashok 8675557866

Livelihood requirements/estimates

1. Senjiamman Nagar
Total Families - 92
Fishing nets required - 45(*) estimate below
School - 800sqft.10 lakhs
40 school tablesApprox. 2.5 lakhs
2. Kallukadai Medu
Total Families - 38
Fishing nets - 38 (Diff. Spec.)(*) estimate below
3. Rajarathinam Nagar
Total Families - 30
Fishing nets - 15 (Diff. Spec.)(*) estimate below
4. Karungali
Total Families - 10
Fishing nets - 10 (Diff. Spec.)(*) estimate below
Water tank - 12500 litrs15K
Elevated platform for water tank
(labor, construction)
Approx 15K
Total20.8 Lakhs

(*) Fishing Nets - overall materials estimate

H.D.P ROPE-3.5mm51015780070
LEAD 20-GRAMS2040147299880
LEAD 5-GRAMS25018947250



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