21 Dec '15 - 31Dec '15 || Kuari Pass & Chandrashila Post-Trek

Wednesday, January 20, 2016
It all started with a group of exactly 16 mokka people with an awesome guide.
​ ​
Rishikesh being the assembly point, we kept making changes when required in the trek plan considering the weather conditions and other unseen factors.

Duration​                     :
​     ​
 12 days
Trek Routes               : 1.
​ ​
Ghat > 
Salfakar > G
uni > 
Simkharkha > Belthana
                                      2. Dhak > Regadi/Karchi > Khullar > Kuari Pass > Regadi/Karchi > Tapovan
                                      3. Chopta > Tungnath > Chandrashilla Peak > Deoria Tal > Ukimath
                                      4. Rafting at Rishikesh
Temperature Range  :  -8 deg 
​C ​
@ Khullara to 25 deg 
​C ​
@ Rishikesh
Meals (Vegetarian)    :  Rice, Chappati
​ ​/
​ ​P
uri /Paranthe, Dal/Sambhar/Subzi, Soup, Maggi, Khichri,
​ ​S
andwiches, Poha,
​ ​P
akodey, Biscuits and loads of Tea
Activities                    : Camping, Trekking, Rafting, Eating, Chit-Chatting, Jumping, Singing, Shopping, Sleeping, & Shitting  ;) 

Many thanks to Ravi for organizing this whole trek  and  Veena for conceptualizing the trek, finalizing the trail, arranging for local guide, vehicles, booking stay in advance, buying all the ration for 16 hungry for a whole week (that's a lot of stuff), arranging for mules, and what not. On top of this, she herself cooked the terrific yummy food for all 16 of us for the whole week!!! All of these and much more done  by  Veena & Ravi !Thank You! :)

Rs 31438
Rs 1965
Rs 91849
Rs 5741
Rs 27280
RS 1705
Rs 32755
Rs 2047
Rs 183322
Rs 11458

*Trek includes cost of tents, sleeping bag, guide, permission, mule, etc.

This also excludes the expenses in Delhi made by few of us on the last day.

- By Sankar narayanan By Ravi & Amit Ghosh


Day  01 -  Delhi -  Haridwar - Rishikesh
​Full mokkai in train and a nice sleep in the hotel after sumptuous food.​

Day  02 - Rishikesh to Ghat (9 - 10 hrs)  

Drive to
​ ​
​via ​Nandprayag ​
(starting point of the trek ).
​ Started trek at ​Salfakar, did night trek through coniferous and mixed forests for some 3 hours to reach camp at Upper Ghuni. Delicious rice & sambhar was prepared by Veena and campfire took away all the fatigue. Temperature dropped  around 2 deg C.

Day 03 - Trek to 
​​Simkharkha Meadow (7-8 hrs)

Steep climbs and descents , a zigzag track to  rewarding open grassy meadows . First glimpses of the snow-clad peaks.
​ ​
The path continues through the forests, flat pastures, shepherd huts, melting snow flakes at some corner, flocks of sheep, chestnut trees and a few waterfalls.
​ ​
Camped overnight at 
​​​​Simkharkha meadows.
Many a places the trail was frozen and impossible for the mules and highly difficult for humans to walk. We got to know that the trail ahead is going to be frozen and reaching Kuari Pass from this side was no more possible. Decision was made to exit and try from another side.

Day 04 - Trek to Jhinjhi
​ and early exit​

Day started with descend to a lively village Jhinjhi.
​ ​
One can have spectacular views of the peaks and farming in the backyard.
​ ​
The trail continues to descend through the village finally comes to the valley floor after a 2 km descent and brings one to a high suspension bridge over river Birahi Ganga.
We exited at Belthana road head from where we ​got two vehicles to take us to Joshimath. The road, still under construction, from Belthana to Birahi was highly picturesque and highly dangerous with hundreds of meter of drop in the valley.
We reached Joshimath in the night and found a hotel to spend the night.


Day 05 - Trek to Regadi village from 

Next day morning, we got to know that it had snowed heavily the previous night and the route we had planned for is blocked with 3 feet of snow. Change of plan again. After garama-garam breakfast of aloo paratha in Joshimath, some folks went to procure requisite permission for the trek and rest went in search of gumboots which were quite essential for the days coming ahead of us. Gaiters could also serve the purpose.​We hired vehicles from Joshimath to Dhak village, a 10 km ride.​ Started the trek by ascending  from the road heading  towards village Regadi. We camped in Regadi school which had a wonderful surrounding view of the snow-clad mountains, mesmerising 360 deg view. Dinner next to campfire and clear night sky studded with thousands of twinkling stars left an impression on our hearts.


Day 06 -   Regadi 
o Khullara 

Started our day with wholesome breakfast​ and packed lunch.​ ​​This was a strenuous day with gradual ascend leading to Khullar ​campsite through 1 - 2 ft snow.​ ​This trail was tough but the destination was gorgeous. Khullara ​was a ground surrounded by mountains and covered with 2 ft snow. The temperature at 5 p.m. was 0 deg C.​ We pitched our tents on ice and for water, we had to heat up snow!


Day 07  - Khullara -  Kuari Pass 
​(3700 m) ​
- Regadi Village
​ ​

After spending a freezing night in the tents at Khullar, we were all set for a short trek of few hours to reach Kuari pass. The finest day as we had fantastic views of 
​Nanda Devi range and snow varying from 1ft - 2ft. After spending few memorable moments at Kuari Pass and surrounding hills, we started trekking back to our camp sit
e at Khullar, packed our bagpacks and headed to Regadi village. It was dark of the night when we reached our campsite.


Day 08 -  Regadi to Tapovan 

After much happiness gratitude in our hearts, we trekked from Regadi to reach Tapovan.
​ Tapovan is a place of religious ​significance and famous for it's hot water springs.
​Once we were done with hot water bath and food, we booked two vehicles towards our next destination, Chopta.​
​However, on our way to Chopta, barely 10 km away, we realized there was way too much snow on the road and it was too risky for the vehicles to move forward. We had no option but to drive back another 20 km to the nearest habitation, Mandal.​


Day 09 -  
​Tungnath and ​
Chandrashila Peak (4000mtrs)

​We hired vehicles from Mandal to drop us at Chopta, Mini Switzerland of India. After sumptuoous lunch, we started off for Tungnath and Chandrashila peak. Trekked some 4.5 kms one way to reach Tungnath temple, regarded as highest Shiva shrine and then straight to Chandrashila summit. The climb from Tungnath to Chandrashila is an ascent of 600 feet and is a very steep climb. While getting down the peak, the sunset was splendid.

Day 10 -   Chopta  - Deoriatal 

​We trekked from Chopta to reach a 'taal' atop a hill called Deoriatal. Had dinner at hilltop dhaba at Deoriataal and camped overnight.

Day 11 -   Deoriatal -
​ ​
Ukhimath - Rishikesh 

Started trekking from Deoriatal to Ukhimath. On the way ate the yummiest Malta (variety of orange) ever & met the finest people. 


Day 12  & 13 -  Rishikesh -Delhi

​Day 12 was bonus, we ended up doing 25 km rafting spending half of the day. This was not part of the plan but we had extra buffer day at hand. ​
And finally the much-awaited trip comes to an end with sight-seeing, street shopping, and Ganga aarti at Rishkesh and then boarding the night train to Delhi.

On this fabulous note, we all ended an eventful year and welcomed another !!! :)​

See ya soon!!

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