Post Event write-ups, Photos, Videos : Ctc's Awareness Wing performance on 8th aug at Forum mall, Vadapalani

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Write-up by Ashwin

What you are holding in your hand, takes anywhere between 20 to 1000 years to be fully destroyed ! 
No, we are not talking about the love of your life. We are referring to the seemingly innocuous plastic 
bags that you are holding, that seems to be so much an integral part of your shopping experience.”

With the above two lines as a base, CTC’s Social Awareness Team decided to target retail shoppers at Prominent Malls in the city. In this pursuit, we chose Forum Mall at Vadapazhani, which has a footfall of over 1500 walk-ins during a weekend evening. 


For Forum, the team decided to add a Play along with the Dance event. While the first 4 mins of Dance, helped in gathering a crowd, the play held their attention and send across a message of how Mother Earth is being victimized due to extensive use of Plastics. 

Incidentally, we had a significant number of new comers who were making their on-stage debut at Forum. 


On the 8th August evening, the show began with a staged-fight amongst our members, followed by a 
well-choreographed dance on Foot-tapping English-Hindi-Tamil numbers. 

What followed was a Play which showed Chitra Sharma as Mother Earth, how she is happy, selfless and ever-giving. This is followed by scenes where people lived together with nature, portrayed by Farmers who benefitted by the bounty of Mother earth. 

The scene then changes to how Humans, in the name of modernization, bring in Plastics as a way of 
their life. The suffocation of mother earth, the invasion of plastic monsters and how Mankind eventually rescues Mother Earth from being choked by Plastic Monsters forms the rest of the play. 

We were very encouraged by the response we received for our Debut.  We had over 300-people 
engaged during our 8-min performance. 

While there are areas of improvement for our show, we believe such efforts do leave a mark on the minds of the viewers and can be an influencing factor, when they have a choice of using a plastic bag next time. 

Ending Note
  • We managed to minimize the use of plastics in our props.
  • We chose to paint our banner, instead of a Flex banner. CTC’s team spent over 16 hours to design and paint the Banners and Placards.
  • Our Thanks to ePagemaker to have given us a studio for practice.
  • Chitra’s performance was appreciated by all viewers. It is rumored that she turned down movie offer, which came after her performance at Forum Mall.
  • Chella’s sir guest performance as one of the bullocks was also well received.
  • The dancers were at their spirited best.
  • We had over 45 members handling the on-stage and back activities. 40% of the performers were women.
  • We also had 10 members who were aged between 5 to 12.
  • Choreography, Screenplay for the script were all done by our members.
  • No animals were hurt during the making of this play.

Details of the next event will be posted soon. 

"Caring for Mother Earth, doesn't involve travelling the world to clean up oil spills or standing in the path 
of bulldozers to prevent land clearing. It actually involves saying a simple no to plastic bags, when you go 
shopping next" - Aswanth.

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Say No to Plastic - The Forum Mall
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Write-up by Chitra Sharma

The Worth of Mother Earth is not measurable. Right from the inception of our planet, mother earth has helped us blossom and progress. As our generations keep going forward, we have stopped valuing the importance of our mother. 

CTC’s Tandora brought in a novel skit demonstrating the slow degradation of the care taken towards earth. Right from the heavy showers to water the dry seeds waiting to sprout to the little boy waiting for his fruit to ripen, mother earth has never disappointed.

But the advancement of civilization has slowly given birth to a monster whose power keeps growing. This small kit aimed to showcase how we need to fight away the plastic monsters to save our mother earth and again rejoice in the lap of the giver who never asks.

PS. If you wish to join our team and create awareness on environmental & Social issues, Pls register by fill it out in Google Forms.



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