Post event : Emperors Get Ready to Tri - Pedalling Wednesdays

Thursday, August 20, 2015
Cycling in early morning before sun reaches down earth is always pleasure especially riding in south Chennai villages. Team Emperors planned 4 week day rides  on Wednesday with no intention J  ponnu kedaichalum puthan kedaikaathu J Let me start with a karathu :)

“cylela poravanagala normalavum cycling poravangala specialvum parkkura ulagam ithu”. It is meant that cycling became a new sport in the city to make you fit and to burn calories or burn extra calories that caused by last day biriyani J but the sport – cycling was a dream, joyful and great fun in our child hood like this generation kids enjoys with smart phone now a days. So the platform offered in CTC makes us to feel the same fun that enjoyed during school days.We started from Medavakkam by 5 am, rode towards mambakkam roads and took diversion that connects villages behind Navalur

The best part was no interruption from share auto/MTC buses that always encounters in OMR,ECR roads The peaceful villages road lead to the highways of Vandalur-Thiruporur. Team rode continuously with no rest unless waits for last group arrives in. And, we entered into Mambakkam roads and rode into a bit off road trail in the lake. The beautiful lake was waiting for moon soon to fill water and attracts birds. We rode from there to ponmar,we didn’t fail to try riding inside the forest – walking trail hearing peacock’s sound. Yes,Yummy cocount mix juice was adding fun at end of the ride. 

Finally, team decided to ride back to Medavakkam with the satisification of riding 40+ kms around 2 hours. The day starts with a refreshing ride,chit-chat fun with friends would always a positive note to both mind and body. Team rode new trails every week – Wednesday covering all the less traffic roads in Chennai south from Tambaram camp road to sholinganallur. Altogether, It was nice experience to ride cycles in early morning.

The challenge is to 

* Wake up early morning is bit difficult which can be managed by sleeping early in the previous night
* If you are scared that I might be too much tired before goes office. Try it once how refreshing it is by riding at least 10 kms around your home and feel the difference.  
* If you are worried about fitness, We had one biker to support the cyclist for doing puncture/helping slow riders.
* Timing ? 5 am to 7 am. 

So, Excuse the excuses. Try cycling in chennai trails. 




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