Write up by Srikanth - Emperors Exploration Ride around Eastern Ghats

Thursday, August 20, 2015
I had recently bought my royal Enfield and that when I thought about of venturing out and sooner or later it just made think why not see through on CTC and that’s when I registered myself for the “Emperors Ride to Guntur” and I was skeptical and kept my fingers crossed and at last when the name list was announced my name was there, I was totally rejoiced as this was my first bike ride with this group.

It was the Friday evening where I was fully prepared got my bike service done and then headed towards the Toyota showroom near Rohini theater which was our boarding point I was alone at there and then  after some time a guy with full rider gears  rode the 500cc Enfield and stopped in front of me  all the people around him started to stare and then he opened his helmet and we both got introduced ourselves and that was none other than out great Manoj. I just told him that this was my 1st ever ride with the CTC but he has already been with this earlier too. We were just waiting there for the other members and then came the leader Mano who was in his black steardy CBR 250  with the saddle bag on the tank and on the rear seat  stopped in front of us and  again I introduced myself and in return he gave me the elbow guard which indeed was very helpful all through my trip. We were all waiting for one more guy  and in some time later a  hefty  plumpy  guy with  his charismatic Karizma( Hope you guys would have guessed) just stood beside us   along with Shantha . It was already 6 45 pm we were a bit late as per our schedule and then we decided to start the trip and in the midst we  did pick up Balaji,Kevin, Yasmin and then from there on we stood at a toll plaza at red hills  our great Balaji  made us understand the rules of riding  and then he made the lead to move from front  following him we all started .The best part was that the team ensured that nobody Is left behind  that’s why Mano was  at the end .

My bike was ridden by Yazar ( as his bike was handed over to Balaji)  as he wanted to test the bullet and I was his pillion and he rode pretty well  zipping @ the speed  max of 115km/hr  and in between I was instructing him on the clutch and gear which I believe he wouldn’t have liked it much. We  all drove through for about 20 km and then we had talk at the beginning that we would do a pit stop at every toll  to have  the headcount and  keeping in mind all are safe and there in time.

After a long ride for about half an hour we then decided to stop at one of tea stall  and had some snacks and refreshments  and that gave us a good break it was already dark and started to rain  and this stop was  just before Tada  . I was a bit skeptical to speak to others as I had not known any one there but the guys who were there except manoj were known to each other  but we both managed to get to mingle with each other pretty soon. At that juncture we had again spoken on the next stop and also planned to reach the destination at around 12 30 am ( which was Reservoir/Dam 100 kms before Guntur) and then accordingly we started from the tea stall it was already 9pm and this time Yazar gave me the chance to ride  and I started to explore through as  this was my first night ride  and I rode through well having touched  the speed of 100km/hr  and  but maintained the avg speed of 80km I was behind manoj and Balaji and  behind me was Mano.

After riding for some time we then again had a pit stop at somewhere in Andhra  and filled up our stomach with some good Andhra food and  then headed again  towards our destination meanwhile in between  it again started raining and our speed was also lessening down and in the midst we were in search of fuel station and finally  we got hold of one and refilled our tank to full and then again started to head towards our destination. At around 12 45  to 1am we reached a point where from there Mano had to rely on Arun ( BTW arun is one of the most prominent CTC member and experienced rider also organizing  the event) We all waited for Arun at that particular point for about appx half an hour  ideally the females  were all tired and there was a small bench on the roadside they took a small power nap and we men were in the mood of  humor and were having a good time among ourselves. We then contacted arun through phone but he wasn’t picking up as he was driving from Guntur to reach our place and finally after some he reached and we all got introduced to him.

We then rode  to the nearby reservoir  which was guided by Arun ,we had to then  search for the safe place to sleep as it was already been 2-230 am and finally we got an elevated field nearby to the dam and we laid our stuff along with the tarpaulin sheet and  made our motorbike stand in the 4 corners along us and then we slept  taking the risk of mosquito and dogs and other insects but take my words that was wonderful I just gazing  at sky watching the stars and along with the timid moonlight  and nearby there was a temple and some people were chanting the Hare Krishna Hare Ram which was a bit disturbance but that was also good because it safeguarded  us.

The next day morning we just got at up may be between 6-7 am as the mild sunlight was hitting on our face and then we all got up and then had to search for a good and secured place to pass on our nature’s call which was very important  and soon after that we all got fresh and then packed our bags and other stuffs and then headed towards the having breakfast where we asked some local people there and then in  a small place shop the guy was selling hot idly’s and dosa’s  we stopped there and had and believe me or that would have been a big business for that guy on that day.

Once we filled ourselves  Arun who was leading had  explained the next plan of venture and then  we all had followed him as we were towards the en route to the town called Srisailam which was about 150 km from the place we were at that point  and based on Nallamala forest hill. We started our bike and  at each point we  asked people  from the village to the place and they directed us  on the way at one juncture I was riding my bike and Shantha was behind me  in front of me was Manoj with his bullet and Kevin  at the pillion and we had to stop at one point because the bikes behind us were not to be  seen and we halted at place and took some snaps with cute little chicks and had some water. After few minutes we all came to know that, we had an small accident where during the steep turns through the village rider lost his balance and the bike had a skid and fell down  but nothing happened to them except some few scathes on the glove (now we know important to wear ridding kit) we all thanked god  for that moment and then again we started to ride  and in the way we spotted some gorgeous and beautiful  tomb which was at a small foothill we all then planned to stop there and explore that place.

You should know that shantha who was sitting behind me just got off the bike with my camera bag and just climbed to the place and because her interest was to venture and take some exotic photographs which was not known earlier to me  there were  few people who did not go there and we took a small rest under the shades of the tree by listening to Arun expedition who  is ideally the macho man in our gang he has done a  couple of races  across India and covered a distance of 1800 kms at the top speed of 135km/hr  along with his co mate and best buddy Mano hats off to them. Meanwhile the people who ventured this spot was Balaji,Kevin,Shantha and Mano and  I promise they all had a good time there with some good snaps to cherish their memories.

After all this we again started with our motorbikes and head towards the nallamala forest where in between some places halts for tea and coffee and then a stop for lunch at the starting point off the foot hill to srisailam we had a very good Raagi meal  and regular Andhra meal along with chicken and after about 45 mins in the afternoon we then again started our journey we rode through the hill which had a very good scenetic beauty  tress and some hair pin bends  but finally we then reached the reservoir as we were very tired and wanted to take bath so went down to the dam river  which was looking very amazing and we planned to  stay there at night, We parked our  bikes and then had boat ride and took some great snaps  soon after that  went into the water and took a very  refreshing bath also keeping an eye on our baggages.

Post having  bath it was already dark by that time as we landed this place in the evening Arun and Mano were disusing on what next to be done and then they decided to hire a home cook  buy some fish and ask the local people to prepare for us and which turned out to be a very good idea and the person who they appointed to do these was Balaji he went arranged these and we all should be thankful for his hardwork in executing this seamlessly ,once the dinner was arranged we then planned to go up from the banks of the river and  halt at a place which was again arranged by our great balaji , we kept our bikes and bags there and then each of our male members were assigned a task by Arun and Mano where in we had to bring water can and  dinner from the house it was cooked I being  not a great fish lover I had managed with the egg and curry along with gravy.Meanwhile the Arun and Mano went in search of getting the place to sleep and that was the place near the banks of the river which took time for them to search and during that time we  guys started to play cards and  as time passed we were told to bring the dinner from the house and then all ate together , guys the fish turned out to be a great hit and it was one of the most sumptuous food  throughout our whole journey we all recommend the future team to also do the same.

After the heavy course of meal we then moved down to the river banks and laid out the tarpaulin making our motorbikes standing along with it to protect us  and our baggages, and then we had a good sleep and woke up early in the morning and  freshened ourselves and then we planned to move  towards srisailum the actual town it was about 20 25 km from there  once we reached the place all of us had a good breakfast kept our luggage at the same hotel and then went to  this tourist place where there was cable car and boating which costed us all per head Rs 100 and which was a good deal altoghether  again we took some beautiful solo cum group snaps and then  started to leave from there to the down of the hill.

While coming back Arun and Mano spotted a good view where in through Arun’s camera we took the some snaps of our  motorbike with us wearing our riders gear and a group snap which would be shared by arun later,  we then started from there in our motorbikes to the downside of the hill  I was riding my bike and yazar was behind me sitting my bike had a problem with the rear brake which had jammed a bit and this caused a lot of noise during any halt or while applying brake so was going a bit slow than the other team members and Arun was behind us  to ensure we all are safe as we reached the down in the afternoon we again had stopped at the same place for the lunch same food and then again headed

towards  en route to Chennai back this time while going back  may be arun or mano asked some local people there and  took a shorter route while the drive the roads were  bumpy and tar roads so our speed was less and as we nearing to Ongole  we then  had a pit stop at one of the tea stall and from there we had to see off arun as he had to again reach Guntur back and then we all started  towards Chennai  I was very tired and the worst part was my bag was heavy and more than that I had a discomfort as a pillion rider so all these made my buttox more painful so there were lot of stops in between  as yazar was driving this time while coming back as we were nearing to Chennai at one place we  had stopped for dinner which was close to tada  soon before we were about to leave at night 11 00 it started to rain heavily but we didn’t bother much and we all rode back to Chennai in the rain getting drenched  but it was fun, we reached Chennai on Sunday or ideally Monday at  1:00 am and we and  I reached home  by 2:00 am.

Please note the whole trip was 2 day event which was totally unexplored and we ourselves managed to explore one by one and which a good success at the end was.

We started on 24th Friday evening 7 pm and reached back to Chennai on 27th Monday morning by 1am.

By Srikanth



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