Chennai Coastal Cleanup - Call for volunteers in Corporates/Apartments to implement waste segregation and recycling

Friday, April 24, 2015
As part of the #ChennaiCoastalCleanup we are engaging in a series of initiatives to create awareness and take concrete steps towards implementing waste segregation and recycling in Corporate buildings/workplaces and Apartments/Residential areas. Please take a moment to read through these and register your details in the form provided below if you are interested to take lead initiative of implementing this in your workplace or residential area or both.

     Be the change, Lead the Change.

Our 'Singara Chennai' has had and continue to have many firsts to its credit. But the one that we wont be proud of is that beating Kolkata and Delhi to top the Indian Cities list in garbage creation. Around 6404 tonnes of garbage is generated every day by the city, with every household contributing 30 per cent recyclable, 60 per cent organic and 10 per cent hazardous waste. This is in addition to 9,898 kg of bio-medical waste from the 730 hospitals in the city. Kodambakkam, Adyar, Anna Nagar and Teynampet zones of the municipal corporation are the highest contributors. Not to mention about the huge amount of waste that is generated by us in our workplaces, things such as paper cups, tissue papers, etc.
The two crucial aspects that could bring this statistics down are waste segregation at source and proper waste disposal. The plan here is to get in touch with the corresponding people, CSR team in the case of Corporates and Apartment Board President/Team in the case of Residential areas, explain them about this process and setup a meeting with Earth Recyler team to implement proper waste management system.
If YOU wanna be the changemaker in your Workplace/Residential area and take initiatives to implement a proper waste management system please register your details in the links provided at the bottom.
Few of the Apartments have already came forward to implement waste segregation in their building, courtesy our active CTC volunteers. Tranquil acres is one such apartment, which is located in Thoraipakkam-Pallavaram main road. 

Tranquil acres phase 1 residents association have aggressively taken a decision that they will take responsibility of waste segregation that is generated from each of their houses. CTC and Earth Recycler will jointly help them in gaining knowledge on 

  • Identify the waste generated at home
  • What is a good waste, what to recycle.
  • Identify Inorganic waste and send it to Recycle as the first phase.
Tranquil acres phase 1 has 232 flats (approx. 4 people each house), 928 residents.
Tranquil acres phase 2 has 250 flats (approx. 4 people each house), 1000 residents.
1 super market. 1 Vegetable market, 1 swimming pool.
Amount of garbage produced  ~ 1 Tonne /day
Waste water                          ~ 1.5 lakh litres / month after used for STP

Stage 1 : In 3 months time they will have reached a state that where they wont be sending any recyclable inorganic waste to landfill. Inorganic waste will be stored for a short period of time in their apartment for Earth Recycler to pick it up and pay them based on weight.
Stage 2 - Once this is achieved no inorganic waste will go to landfill. Organic and sanitary waste will be separated. Earth Recycler will help them in finding a composite yard and get the Organic waste transported there. At this stage sanitary waste alone will be going to landfill, that too until we get some solution on that :) 
Stage 3 - Water management. We are planning to clean the water and recharge the ground water. Unusable water alone will be transported out to industry where they have an option of using this water once.

This is the current stage of the garbage collection bin. Hope to see this better and non-smelly. And be a safe place for the next generation to grow up in. Buying home alone is not our responsibility, what we get out of that home is also our responsibility. 

Let’s start saying no to the polythene covers offered generously in the supermarket and by vegetable vendors… anywhere and everywhere. I know it is not that easy to say NO when somebody is offering a less maintenance or a use and throw stuff. But its such a huge burden that we are giving to mother earth to digest. Mother Earth is suffering, in fact crying aloud unable to bare the plastic. Listen to her voice. Lets join hands to get our workplace and living place healthier and get our kids habituated for this waste management. If we can get our kids understand this, they will correct us when we are unconsciously doing something wrong and infact they in turn will teach more people as they grow.

Lets be proud to say that, WE GENERATE VERY LESS LANDFILL.
If you are working in a Corporate/MNC and wanna take the lead initiative in implementing such a waste segregation and recycling system in your workplace, please register your details here:

If you are residing in any Apartment or community living area in Chennai and wanna take the lead initiative in implementing such a waste segregation and recycling system in your residential area, please register your details here:

Statistics Source : Report by WTERT on Garbage Creation of Top Indian Cities



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