Writeup - Blood Donation Camp - March 25 2015

Friday, April 24, 2015
The purpose of life is not to be happy - but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make   some difference that you have lived at all.  ~Leo Rosten

One Gentleman who live by above quote is Mani Kandan.
My friend for almost 2.5 years, met long ago in a CTC Ainthinai's plantation event.
Ever since I know him he was Blood donor and a individual who arrange blood for the patients based on requirements acting as a bridge between patients and the Donors. Over the last 2 years he have arranged over 250 units of blood saving those many lives.
He have shared with me many happy news over the months seeing kids leaving hospital happily and healthy after operation and parents and relatives praising the donors as Gods.
There were negatives too when unable to fulfill the requirement operation gets postponed, resulting in disaster.Its much painful in a city like Chennai which have a population of around 1.5 Crore and still some patients loose life unable to get adequate blood on time.
The best way moving forward is to take it to the students to create more awareness and the importance of Blood donation, Hence when we met Raji madam and students [NSS unit of College of Engineering, Guindy] in a Paddy cultivation event organized  by Ainthinai, both teams decided to organize a camp at the college campus on March 25.
CTC have organized Blood donation camp at its last 3 annual Trek Polama Sympozium's witnessing good turnout of Volunteers to donate blood.

The event started as planned at 9.00 AM with Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital Blood Bank setting up the camp with support of student volunteers of MCC.
Students came in huge numbers to donate blood from the beginning till the end few had to leave as they haven't completed 18 years of age and less Hemoglobin, hope in future they too can donate happily saving more lives.Total 120 Generous donors donated Blood. Majority of the donors donated for the first time , its energetic to see the interest of students for a cause.Thanks to the volunteers(Students & Staff) of Madras Christian College & College of Engineering Guidy and other CTC volunteers Jeswin , G Arun Prasad , Venu Kathick, Vijay and Manikandan . Thanks a lot all the volunteers and donors. Special Thanks to Mani Kandan for pushing all limits to get the Blood for needy patients and saving lives.

Donors interested to donate blood  in need of emergency please fill out below form, We will contact as per your convenience:

Thanks,Ra Aravindh |Refuse |Reduce |Reus|Recover |Recycle



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