Chennai Coastal Cleanup/6, June 7th - Group Registration Open

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Chennai Coastal Cleanup/6, June 7th - Group Registration

Welcome to the 6th year edition of the Chennai Coastal Cleanup organized by The Chennai Trekking ClubOur ambitious target for June 7th is to collect 50+ tons of garbage from 20+km of Chennai beaches with 5000+ volunteers both individual volunteers, corporates, schools and NGOs all joining hands together to create a strong message of environmental awareness within the community. Coordination of this massive cleanup operation will be done by a 100+ member volunteer team of the Chennai Trekking Club which will coordinate with both groups and individual volunteers at 15+ target beach zones.

Action Plan
Groups (Corporates, schools, NGOs) will report to their designated beach zones on Sunday morning through their own transport and join the cleanup effort along with individual volunteers. The cleanup will happen between 6 to 8am. Corporates have to procure garbage bags, gloves and refreshments for their employees beforehand. Contact details of bags/gloves vendors will be shared. Approx. cost per head is around 50Rs. Schools, NGOs and individuals can participate free of cost (bags, gloves, refreshments will be sponsored).

The entire event will be covered by the traditional and social media. A significant team of photographers of the Chennai Trekking Club will provide complete coverage in order to carry our message of environmental awareness to a wide audience. Last year 6000 people participated in the 5th year edition of our Coastal Cleanup including 2000 individual volunteers and 100+ corporates, schools and NGOs cleaning up 50 tons of garbage from our 20km long coastline.

Long term sustainability
Garbage will be segregated in various categories (plastics, glass, bio-degradable...) and recycled to the maximum extent to minimize the percentage of leftover sent to the garbage dump. CTC will coordinate with third-party recycling companies and the Chennai Corporation for safe disposal of the remaining garbage. Volunteers and groups participating in the cleanup will receive a number of preparatory emails on proper segregation of materials.

During the 2 months prior to the cleanup CTC is organizing various initiatives to create awareness among the public through social media, #NoPlasticChallenge, guiding corporates and apartments on waste mgmt, educational programs with schools and study centers, flash mobs, street plays, mime's, online quiz, sharing info on recycle shops, plastic-free stores, workshops on sustainability, etc.

World Environment Day is on June 5th -
World Ocean Day is on June 8th -
Target Beach Zones
1 - Marina
2 - Lighthouse
3 - Santhome
4 - Foreshore
5 - Broken Bridge
6 - Besant Nagar
7 - Kalakshetra
8 - Tirunvanmyur
9 - Kottivakam
10 - Pallavakam
11 - Neelankarai North
12 - Neelankarai South
13 - Injambakkam
14 - Akkarai
15 - Panayur

Vinodh - - 9944649994
Prabakar - - 9840130464
Thilak - - 9840873859

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About Chennai Trekking Club

The Chennai Trekking Club (CTC) is a 24 thousand member non-profit volunteer based organization. It’s one of the largest and most active outdoor groups in South India which provides a platform for like-minded outdoor and sports enthusiasts to connect through hundreds of outdoor events organized throughout the year. The group creates environmental awareness through many green initiatives including tree plantations, organic farming and coastal cleanups. CTC promotes an active lifestyle through various sports events including marathons and triathlons. Last year 1500 runners participated in the Chennai Trail Marathon, Javadhu Hills Ultra and Chennai Triathlons. The group also tries to instill social awareness by organizing social treks for the less privileged.

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    Corporates will procure garbage bags, gloves, refreshments for their own employees beforehand

    Are you interested to go beyond the one time beach cleanup and invite CTC's green team to guide your CSR on implementing a sustainable waste management system for your company/school

    Corporate Sponsorship
    We need Corporate support to sponsor garbage bags/gloves for individual volunteers, schools and NGOs participating in the cleanup. If each company can sponsor 50% bags/gloves above their own headcount then we have sufficient materials for everyone to participate free of cost

    Preferred beach zone *
    Indicate your preference of beach zone (if any). We will try to accommodate your preference but cannot guarantee as all individual volunteers and groups have to be distributed uniformly across 15 beach zones according to the garbage spread. The target of this cleanup is the entire Chennai Coastal line so please avoid opting only for the known touristic beaches. Final allocated beach zone will be intimated before the event date

    Suggestions, ideas on how to improve the cleaning and maintenance of our beaches

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