Jawadhu Hill Ultra, Aug 6th, 2017 - Venue, BIB, Travel, Stay, Timings, Route

Thursday, May 11, 2017
Dear runner,

Find below important information regarding your upcoming Jawadhu Hill Ultra run.


The start/finish venue is St Joseph school at Athipet near Jamunamarathur in Jawadhu hills. 
Public (bus) transport is available through Polur from Chennai and through 
BIB Collection
    Download, print and sign the disclaimer form and hand over to collect your BIB and (optional) t-shirt (size cannot be changed) at the venue either on:
    • Sat Aug 5th, 6-10pm
    • Sun Aug 6th, 1-6am

    Given the fairly long travel distance from Chennai or Bangalore we recommend runners to reach on Saturday evening and stay free overnight at the venue. Runners can bring sleeping mat, blanket, torch, odomos and sleep on floor in class rooms or camp on the school grounds. Kindly note that there are no hotels to stay at Jawadhu hills. 

    Runners who prefer nearby stay can consider:

    Polur (Chennai runners, 1.5 hour from venue):
    • Deepam Lodge, 9442415844
    • Ramanuja Lodge, 9965527503
    • KK Lodge, 9943163733
    • APS Lodge, 9092650872
    • Sabari Lodge and Raja Lodge, 9442673994
    • Mani Lodge, 9843474451
    • Kanna Lodge, 9944303933
    • SRM Lodge, 9244288678
    • Raja Lodge, 9443687354
    Vaniyambadi (Bangalore runners, 1.5 hour from venue):
    • Sri Vetri Lodge, 9791317731
    • Kanna Lodge, 9787385574
    • Babu Lodge, 8754749441


    Every runner gets one free post-run meal on Sunday, either breakfast (25K), lunch (50, 75K) or dinner (100K).  Additional food coupons for runners and accompanying friends, relatives can be ordered over here. Ordered food coupons can be paid and collected at the venue:
    • Sat dinner (6-8pm)
    • Sun breakfast (8-11am)
    • Sun lunch (12-4pm)
    • Sun dinner (5-7pm)

    Do remember to collect your BIB well in advance and report as per below timetable at the start/finish venue for warm up and briefing. You will receive your assigned BIB number in the next mailer shortly.

    CategoryBIBReportingStartCut-off time
    100KAll1:30 AM2:00 AM18 hours
    75KAll1:30 AM2:00 AM13 hours
    50KAll4:30 AM5:00 AM8 hours
    25K batch 1101-4005:15 AM5:45 AM4 hours
    25K batch 2401-above6:00 AM6:30 AM4 hours

    Important - runners (all categories) finishing beyond above cut-off timings will NOT receive medal and finisher e-certificate. Runners who wish to quit may do so at 25/50/75/100K within the respective distance cut off timings and still be eligible to get a medal.

    Running Route

    • Route37.5K linear trail with different return loop in first section
    • Start/Finish: runners will start / finish at St. Joseph School, Athipet
    • Aid Stations (25K): every 3K / (50/75/100K): every 6K
    • Altitude:  750-1000 meters
    • Terrain: 80% off-road hard trail, 20% rolling tar road
    • Location: rolling terrain, farm lands, tribal villages, forest sections
    • Climate: Morning / evening - 18 to 25 degrees. Mid-day 30+ degrees

    100KU-turn2U-turn175K + 25K

    Mandatory Gears (50/75/100K)
    • Hydration set (Camelback type or belt pouch with minimum capacity of 1 litre - 6K distance between aid stations)
    • Headlamp with spare batteries
    • Cap/bandana to protect yourself from the sun
    • Mobile phone with the registered number
    • Runners to carry GPS log of running route in their smartphone. Will be shared shortly
    Recommended Gears (all categories)
            • Sunglasses
            • Proper running shoes due to rocky terrain
            • Snacks to consume during the race
            • Salt caps or ORS to prevent cramps

            Aid Stations

            Aid Stations are equipped with refreshments:
            • Water
            • Ice bars
            • ORS energy drinks
            • Bananas, Mosambi's
            • Lemons, Salt
            • Peanut bars, snickers
            • Sandwiches (50/75/100K)
            Note: The distance between aid stations will be minimum 6 kms. Runners are advised to take note of this and be prepared. 


            Use the hashtag #JHU or #JawadhuHillsUltra while you post your updates on social media sites.

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