CTC - 2 day Moderate Trek to Nagala - Mar 18-19

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

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Hi Friends,

This was my first trek, which gave enough experience how to trek, especially with CTC group & Peter.  
Two day out from home was a different experience which will really teach everyone how valuable is our natural resources are, especially water. I really enjoyed the two days of trek even though the second day went bit difficult. First day it was really fun filled enjoyment, the sliding pool dip and after that it was a longdownhill where few lost touch with lead team and finally Peter and Kotte helped to reach the second pool which was more amazing than sliding pool. Second day I couldn’t imagine how I survived, and to that difficulty without water my shoes didn’t give a hand to me, even that too went bad. Finally after 6 hrs of dehydration, reaching sliding pool and making a dip and drink, felt like never before.

Thinks that are hard learned from 1st trek and Suggestions to fresher/fellow trekkers
v  Avoid carrying more unwanted stuffs and carry minimal weight, which is enough to survive.
v  Weight reduction should be done at everything you carry from your dress to bag material.
v  I suggest using nylon dress rather cotton. Which I felt wearing heavier. Try making with 1 set of dress, no need of another pair which will become a waste of weight.
v  Use a light weight type of bag, capacity 30Liters would go well, avoid backpack and hiking bad which the bag itself weigh a lot.
v  More importantly apt shoe with good sole and that could withstand rugged trail for 2days. Without proper shoes definitely don’t imagine for trek or else u will create problem not only to your legs but also you’ll slow down your fellow mates.
v  When you are upon dry trail with no water reserve for more hours, don’t eat chocolates, Salt, Electoral which will further dehydrate your body. At that point you can have your fruits that u carry like apple, pears, orange, grapes etc.
v  Another tip which was suggested my friend (Rajesh swaminathan) use a wet cloth and cover your mouth to handle dehydration in dry trail, which will prevent your mouth going dry to some extent.
v  When u are up on the direct sunny trail definitely cover ur head with some cloth which will reduce your dehydration rate to some extent.
Finally I like to thank everyone who made the trek most enjoyable and most rememberable in my life.  And specially I have to thank Peter, Kote and Swiping team ( Nagaraj, Bakkiyaraj, Dinesh Dinu) who swiped gently even when my shoes where gone.

Growing up with experience and becoming stronger with practice see you up in next trek.

-HariVignesh S

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Hi Friends,

After post-trek, whenever I receive a mail saying “share your experience”, I always feel like “Guna” Kamal Hassan 

Trekka… NenachuPaakumbothu!!!!! …………………..
Kavitha ManasulaAruviMaathiriKottuthu…………..
AanaAthaEzhuthanumtuOkkanthaa Antha… EzhuthuthaanVaarla…

Wonderful people. Love you all.

-Desingu raja
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Lessons I learnt from the 2 day trek to Nagalapuram with CTC

-GoPro Shiva.

v  Treks with CTC are full body fat burners and energy zappers. A methodical and concentrated approach is required to reach the finishing point. It is not for those who seek to have a comfy, picnic sort of trek.
v  You will get to learn pain tolerance and endurance limit of your body. From cramps to foot blisters to twisted ankles and scratches all over the body, you will have to endure it all.
v  The importance of travelling light. Bulky bags (As Peter says “Suicide Bags”) will squeeze every bit of energy you have.
v  The sweetest thing that Mother Earth has provided us with is Dihydrogen Oxide. You will learn to understand its significance for life. You will never ever take water for granted.
v  Oranges and Grapes never tasted this good. A single piece of orange or grapes will taste like nectar during the trek.
v  Will get to meet amazing set of people. Though silent initially, a grueling trek makes you bond with others.  
v  Staying ahead of the pack gives you a whole lot of time to rest and recover.
v  Wearing appropriate apparel gives you an edge. Wearing heaving boots dragged me back during the strenuous parts of the trek. Similarly wearing full sleeved cotton t-shirts and trek pants would have saved me from a whole lot of scratches.
v  You will learn to value the importance of water rationing. Travelling large stretches before the sight of a stream, your water rationing talents can make or break your day.
v  Learning to trek with a parched throat. This is one thing, everyone has to master to beat the harsh climate and taxing terrain.
v  A single dip in pools is worth all the torture you put your body through. Nagala’s sliding pool has more magic in it than Ra's al Ghul’s Lazarus Pit. Pure Eternal Bliss!!
v  Gulping in Maggi in pitch black darkness with only torches and fireflies to your aid, is weirdly destressing.
v  In spite of the few pebbles and rocks pricking you at the back, you will have one of your deepest sleeps beneath the stars and trees of Nagala.
v  People will never remember your name (Or even try to :D ), if you have a weird gadget with you. The gadget’s name is synonymous with your name. The group christened me “GOPRO”.
v  CTC organizers are a cool lot. Kotti always pushes you to up the ante, by marching ahead and constantly trolling everyone around. Bakiya on the other hand, sweeps the people lagging behind and motivating us to walk on. Peter (My Life Saver!!) is a motivation for all, with his other worldly fitness and stamina.

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My Third huddle on Nagala

Day 1:

And 32 CTCians headed out to Nagala on March 18 2017 after completing our Breakfast inUthukottai. After the customary baggage weight check and pre-trek picture, we started our venture viaNagala Eastern entry around 8:15 am. Everyone was energetic and started making acquaintance. Our first stop was at sliding pool. All swimmers were excited and plunged into the pool. Me being a beginner in swimming settled near the stream and took a short nap. We then trekked and reached a stream where Peter asked us to fill up both our water bottles and tummy. We climbed uphill, downhill andwalked in the flat surface for few hours. Then came my favourite part of the trek, walking along the stream. I have followed Thomas and waited for others to hitch on. I relaxed by dipping my legs in the flowing stream. When people showed up, Thomas and Sarathy moved forward. I have joined with them and settled under the shade near yet another small pool. 3 of us took a short nap and waited for others to join us.After a long dip and lunch near the pool, they joined us around 3PM. We followed the stream for anhour and reached the campsite around 4:30. Since most of the people has not turned up, Peter suggested we could go to top and come back. Six of us joined Peter for a quick uphill climb and encountered a beautiful view of Nagala ranges. Few people called their family and informed about their whereabouts and the rest took pictures. Since I didn’t carry my mobile, I enjoyed the view from the top and sunset.We heard others at the campsite and climbed down with the help of torchlight. We were welcomed with yummy soup followed by tasty noodles. We slept in the tarp with our blankets on, under the beautiful sky glistening with stars.

Day 2:

We were getting ready for our 2 nd day of adventure. Few of them went and took a leisure bath in the pool above the stream.  Peter announced that that we should trek for 5 hours without water under the scorching sun. 22 of us took up the challenge and 11 of them choose the easy way out. We filled ourwater bottles and followed Kote for a difficult trek. We climbed uphill for hours, halting in between andreached a view point. Most of us were tired and posed cheerfully for a group pic. We then climbed downand up and took water breaks. Most of our water bottles were empty halfway. Design was the saviour ofthe day. He offered us water, fruits whenever we were in crisis. Peter joined us in our way after leaving11 fellow trekkers to the way out. We climbed along the boulders, uphill for hours without water.Everyone were worn out. Peter and Kote tried to cheer us up as often as possible by cracking jokes. Finally, we reached the water point around 3PM. We quenched our everlasting thirst and fed our tummywith food supplies. It felt heavenly to take a dip in the water after a long day. We headed towards exitand took an post-trek picture.

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