Weekly Ainthinai Green Events writeup - 6th March to 13th March, 2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Sapling maintenance drive, Shollinganallur, 7th March,2017
CTC-Ainthinai volunteers joined hands on monday morning to do maintenance activities in the mayanabhoomi phase2 plantation in Shollinganallur. The place is filled with thorn trees(seemai karuvellam), the same were removed to make fence for the trees to protect the saplings from being grazed by cattle.
GYOS - Nursery Maintenance drive at Tambaram, 8th March,2017
On a busy tuesday morning three dedicated Ainthinai volunteers joined for nursery maintenance in Tambaram. The sown seeds that grew into plants were watered and other maintenance activities were done. Few saplings were made using tree stems.
Vegetable garden in making, Tambaram, 9th March,2017
You need not travel far to have a view of vegetable farm when a small patch of empty land near the city can be converted for the same. On a busy weekday morning, our CTC-Ainthinai volunteers came together for planting vegetable plant after creating plantation bed for the same from the land. Many volunteers came as family and there were good number of kids in the event.
Plantation and nursery maintenance drive, 12th March,2017
Saturday morning a plantation even was done in shollinganallur around TNHB area. CTC-Ainthinai has been continuosly doing a lot of plantation work in this area and would see to it that the place grows to a mini forest. Some of the saplings that were grown by the volunteers were used and after the plantation work, there was a nursery maintenance done.
Any activity that involves people and materials have logistics involved. Sameway, in our events we have a some material transportation that needs a good amount work and this used to take quite some time for us. This was quite a laborious task to find a vehicle. Now we have 

LYNK, the logistics partner for JOY OF TREE Campaign in Ainthinai Ctc mission to revive Chennai's Green Cover

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