[Post Event Write Up] CTC Motocycle Team - "Ride Around the Loops" [Mar 4-5 2017]

Monday, March 27, 2017
Write up by RASHMI

Ride Around the Loops

It all started when “Praveen Kumar” our ORGANIZER joined us for lunch in office, till that time I was not even aware of the CTC BIKING TEAM!!! LOL :-D :-D

That was during “Kerala Ride” and Praveen was discussing about the weather conditions etc. etc. blah, blah. Once he's​ back from the ride, after hearing all the riding gala from him I was like Oh my God!!

And in BG ( background) 
"Munnum Ithu Pølae Puthu Anubavam
Kandaen Ena Søllum Padi Ninaivillai" 

Fnally I registered (as a pillion) for the X-mas ride and that was an awesome ride indeed. 
Before registering for 3-4 days’ bike rides, I wanted go for a couple of short bike rides. So registered for another fresher’s ride ‘RIDE AROUND THE LOOPS’. And eagerly waiting for the confirmation mail. As I was pestering Praveen to make me as an Accountant for the event, he gladly obliged. All set for the ride on Saturday, to meet everyone @ Meetup point was Crescent College, Vandalur(5am). 

My Rider cum One of my close friends, Ravi who is also the reason for me to register for the ride confidently. 
The journey started on the highway!! I personally feel highway rides are mostly dreary. We stopped at each TOLL for a short break so that both rider and pillion can relax and stretch for a while. Next stop was at common breakfast point  and we fueled our tummies with hot Idly, Dosa served with smoking Sambhar and freshly made chutney, Omelets  and of course chai !!! As usual, long queues for the mutta (EGG) Dosa/omelets, well Nisha/Niranjani helped to get our order on time. Thanks Dude @Nisha/Niranjani.  

After fueling our tummies, it’s time to get on the beast and ride highways!! When everything was going well, Blood Mani’s bike got punctured and we found a mechanic shop nearby. Leaving them behind, riders went ahead as per Praveen’s instructions and we stopped at Ulundarpet (usual break point). When riders sipped milkshakes, ladies  enjoyed the swing  in the nearby play area and as usual our never ending selfie sessions continued there as well We started back our ride as soon as Blood Mani and co reached. Surprisingly The God of light was in our favor on Saturday and one could feel the air hitting on the face riding on the highway which makes me feel alive.   

Inayath (Co-organizer) was leading the group while Praveen/ Mani were the sweepers of the ride. Finally, the group reached the destination, all our riders and pillions were out in hot sun for the whole day and were ravenous. After lunch, team started for the LOOP RIDE, which is the most awaited/exciting part of the ride. It’s difficult for me to explain this part of the ride, it was simply beautiful. WOWWWWW part of the ride, I tell you. I say one should go on this route at least once in a lifetime either by motorcycle, or cycle if you are interested in cycling or run through this blissful stretch. Cool breeze kissing your cheeks trespassing your helmet, and the aroma of the fresh wood and the flowers. Its treat to one’s eyes to enjoy such a scenic ride. Riding through this route was like meditation, one would just forget worldly worries and just enjoy the serene nature. 

We were running out of time, or else we would have went for another loop. We started towards our camping site after evening snacks (Bajji and tea/coffee). Upon reaching the campsite, few people collected woods for the fire, and the rest enjoyed the chit-chats, fire and pulling each other’s leg. We camped in a private farm, whom our riders met in the last ride. Plan was to reach campsite ASAP and to cook dinner (veg biryani and Chicken gravy) unfortunately we did not ,because of the time constraint and Praveen bought us dinner from the nearby village. After Dinner, we had introduction session as most of the participants are fresher’s for the ride and got to know new people. It was almost 11:30 when everyone went to sleep, as we have to wake up early in the morning to witness the beautiful sunrise which we eventually missed. :-D :-P 


Thanks for capturing Praveen’s HOT times Ganesh :) ROFL :D :D
All were lazy to wake up in the morning, but still somehow did, finished the daily routines, packed and started towards the place where beasts were parked. We collected all the wastes from the campsite and made sure no waste was left behind. 

Started our journey back to Chennai with heavy heart, such an amazing place, and amazing people and had wonderful time. Second day The God of Light –SUN wasn’t in our favor, it was too hot to be out on Sunday. On the way back to Chennai, one of the riders’ bike got some problem so 6 of us including the organizer went to nearby mechanic. While we waited for the mechanic guy, rest of the team moved ahead as per organizer’s instructions and had yummy Biryani :D :D :p and packed the biryani for us. Tharani, Pakeer and Nisha ( car support Team) were waiting for us near the Toll (with Biryani), a big thanks to them for waiting with so much patience  We ate our food around 7:30pm, by that time the rest of the team already reached Chennai. We reached Sriperambur TOLL around 10pm where Inayath and few of the riders were waiting for us. We relaxed for a while and bid goodbye to everyone and started to our home. 

"Everything that has a start , has an End", so is this Ride!!! Many more memories for the life. ☺☺ 

A very special thanks to my Rider Ravi for stopping the vehicle as and when asked and for riding smoothly in all kinds of road. Without a good rider, the journey wouldn’t have been this wonderful and ease. Thanks for our organizer Mr. Praveen, for organizing the wonderful ride. Keep organizing these amazing rides and don’t forget to select me for your rides/treks. (Thanks for teaching me relaxing exercises of bike ride LOL). A very very special thanks to Tharani, Pakeer and Nisha for the support throughout the ride. Last but not the least, to all the Riders and pillions, it was wonderful meeting you guys. Even though we had very less time to get to know each other, we gelled well and enjoyed to the core.

“The Best GIRL’S SQUAD” till date. 😘😘
 Hope to see you guys in upcoming CTC events.
 CIAO people.  



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