CTC Profiles - Jagjot Singh

Tuesday, March 7, 2017
Featuring - Jagjot Singh

What are you currently doing (job/study)? your interests?

I am currently working as a trainer for a Customer support team. My focus at work and otherwise is to continue learning and sharing my knowledge as much as I can.

When & How  did you  get started  CTC?

I first heard about CTC in 2009 and signed up to the Google Group but since it got setup as sending out Digest emails, I always found out about the events only afterwards. The first CTC event that I did end up attending was a supposedly One-day easy trek to Sadasiva Kona with Gautham and Ruthra. They called it an easy trek but it certainly felt like the most difficult thing i'd ever done. I was seconds away from puking at several points during the trek. I just had to get fitter.

What are the activities of  CTC that  you are involved in?

I occasionally participate in the plantation events but mostly volunteer for all of the sporting events that I can.

What will you say has been your biggest achievement when it comes along with  CTC?

I've not only been a couch potato for like ever, but I'm very introverted and find it difficult to talk to people and make friends. Having been in CTC has not only kept me physically moving but allows me to interact with so many people that it makes me forget at times that I am supposed to be shy and reserved and introverted.

Anything else you might want to add?

I have in the past been affected with a number of medical issues that were wrongly diagnosed and I had to unnecessarily undergo a long spell of high dose broad-spectrum antibiotics. A long spell of research led me to finding the right sort of physical therapy to rid myself of all the symptoms and problems that persisted for over a year. Turns out that all I had to do was remain physically active to keep all those problems at bay. Being a part of CTC makes that so much more fun, especially without any history of sports or any sort of physical activity when I was younger.

Share any one of the CTC Best moments you had !

I can't put down any one moment as the best, all the time spent with CTC is memorable, the friends, the laughs, the sweat, all of it. 

How do you manage your work life balance ?

It sort of manages itself I suppose. When I get up off my ass and do something, instead of just thinking about it, other things just fluidly move away and allow me to make time.

Any specific goals/dream that you are working on ?

I'm currently reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight and I think I've found the perfect words to describe what i want to do...
"I wanted to leave a mark on the world, I wanted to win, no.. thats not right, I simply didn't want to loose. And then it happened, as my strong young heart began to thump, as my pink lungs expanded like the wings of a bird, as the trees turned to greenish blurs, I saw it all before me. Exactly what I wanted my life to be, Play... "

How has your life changed after joining this CTC ?

For one, its way more active and healthier. Any time I feel a lack of motivation the next CTC event I join gives me a good dose of motivation to tackle what ever I need to.

Share some of your cycling  that you did in the CTC?

I haven't actually been able to cycle much. I have had back pain that would flare up every time I ride more than a few minutes. I have been working on managing it and am hoping to start cycling regularly soon.

We have seen you in leading many of volunteering and how does this helps you outside CTC ?

Leading people in CTC events has I suppose given me more confidence in general. Every event is an opportunity to be better, to do better. It does rub off on everything else. 

What are you other interest?

I want to learn to play the saxophone.



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