Kids awareness program on plastic segregation

Monday, October 10, 2016
Little by little, a little becomes a Lot”, an old Proverb says.
[write-up by Madhini B] 
              This is one of the tiny steps that was taken as part of the Project Green initiative at our Mapleton community

Awareness session for kids and adults on Source Segregation and Plastic pollution
           The kid’s awareness program that was conducted on October 15 2016 at Mapleton was a success event. In the sense, it had sown the seeds of environmental awareness in the young minds of this buzzing Pallikarani kid community. Thanks to the helping hands of Nambi and Crew from CTC Ainthinai, Waste Win organization (Nochikupam Zero Waste Model initiative) who had made this event even more informative and interesting.

               The program started with a quick 20 minutes interactive session with the kids. The children were very eager to answer the questions posed by Vanathi of CTC, the talk was guided with photo posters that depicted the various harmful effects of pollution on our surroundings and other living species of Mother Earth.  The enthusiasm of the young minds was kindled with Vanathi’s way of explanation. Nambi, Ashiq and the crew of CTC were very supportive by coordinating with the kids and the host. Ashit, Nandan and Santhosh were the first to grab the mike to answer Vanathi's question. Shristi the youngest in the crowd stood on the chair to explain her nine pointers on how to keep the environment clean.

              The session was followed by a game show “Fastest in finding the Alternative”. It was a thought provoking  game that increased the momentum of the little ones. Teams were split and questions were posed. The members have to identify the plastic pollutant alternative that was shown to them such as plastic bag, use and throw cups, spoons, plastic water bottles, refill pen, straw, etc. Environmental friendly, reusable and alternative things were hidden inside the hall and the kids have to find them. The fastest gets the first place. Team 1 bagged the consolidated win. Congratulation!
               Shyam and Priya of Waste Win organization joined the kids during the second half of the session where they inculcated the source segregation concept into the genius minds. The names of the different household wastes such as kitchen waste, plastic waste, rejected waste and e-wastes were written on colorful balls. Each kid has to pick one and should drop them in the right bin. Two bins (RedGreen) and two bags (one for recyclable and other for e-waste) had been kept. The audiences were dumb struck as most of the genius got it right when they segregated it in the right way. They will definitely make their parents’ job easier when it is going to be done at home in the weeks to come.
               Last but not the least, the much awaited painting activity started after the game got over. Kids were all set to express their 2 hour experience in the session with their colorful tools of paint.  Twenty minutes were given for them to showcase their expressions and each one did an excellent job. Nambi asked them to narrate about their paintings and the concept behind them.  Participation certificates were issued to all the kids. Three paintings were selected and was awarded with books as a mark for encouragement. Pranav ( 3051), Harshitha (3027) and Hareesh bagged the first, second and third prize respectively. 

                Thanks to the wonderful team which helped us to ignite the little minds in a big way. Not only the little minds were ignited but also the adults as there was a presentation done by Waste Win organization at our reading room about their success stories of Nochikupam Zero Waste Model when the kids program was in progress. 
Madhini B



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