CTC Emperors 2 Days Trek to Nagala Oct 01 & 02

Monday, October 10, 2016
Write up by SUPRAJA

Trekking is not an event, not a sport but an Experience, that teaches you to live outside your comfort zone. 

I was most excited to see the invite for the trek from Praveen (as usual very colourful). Registered for the trek the next minute I saw the invite. But started thinking after it..... Its been nearly a year since I last trekked and it was a moderate+ trek. But I was mentally prepared and very much happy about the thought of a trek after a very very long time.

Finally after waiting much, the day came, Oct 1............. but I was the last one to reach my point and boarded the van... Happily settled and the van went to CMBT while we had enough time to talk to our mates. After sometime the van started from CMBT and we were getting closer to our trek. Going towards Andhra and Ragavee checking some accounts with all those music of all languages we were just crossing the Tamilnadu border when our Van went flat tyred (An awesome start to an Awesome trek), all of us got down and just found the right place to hang out (The tea kadai). After the puncture works, we started our journey with some comeback songs. Finally reached the west entry of Nagala around 9 am getting parcel of our breakfast. Then the organisers distributed the common items. I got a tarp to carry which I was actually proud of.......

Then we started our trek from the base. Hamal Raja and Manikam took the lead while Praveen and "Heaven Guy" took care of the sweap team. Starting was as usual exciting and the only thing in my mind was breakfast :D so I started feeling kind of hungry. We reached the first pool and it was breaking the fast point.

Each hike rewarded us with small pools and waterfalls which made us feel refreshed and ready to climb the big one. The real hiking started on our way to the fifth pool where we had to climb one big hill. It was difficult for me and I started to feel the heaviness of my bag. I was quite determined not to give my bag or the tarp to anyone because the feel you get when you reach the destination with your bag is unbeatable.

The more difficult the journey the more beautiful the destiny. This was totally true for the fifth pool. With a short break of about 15 minutes we started our trek again with small small hikes and then getting down in the stream with boulders. Walking in the boulders were quite easy till Manikam showed me a boulder which was as tall as an apartment :O. Then we deviated and walked uphill..... The deviation marked the end of water. We climbed uphill and broke in the middle for lunch which was yummy bread and jam.

We were told by Hamal Raja that half of our first day was over with that hike and then its all way downhill. We finished that hike then started descending again in the stream. Time was pushing us towards our first day camp site THE PICNIC POOL. We were trying to reach the campsite before it was dark but the sun was setting faster than our walk. So we decided to camp in the way and to cook Maggi for the day's dinner. We actually struggled a lot with the cooking part but the final product came out well. Then we started to wrap our day off by 9 pm when people actually decided to set up a camp fire for the night. Then all the others started singing random songs of all genres..... That's when we found out some awesome talents (Sid Sivaram) . We closed the musical night only by 11pm and we had to start our next by 5.30 in the morning. So we dozed off quickly and woke up even more faster.

Our next day started in the boulders with an aim to reach the treasure hunt and the picnic pool as soon as possible. So pushed ourselves into walking to see the beautiful pool with small breaks in between. We also gave a small surprise to Claire who was celebrating her birthday in the middle of Nagala.

We reached Picnic pool by 9.30 am  with many people already there to welcome us. We had one full hour to enjoy there and to have breakfast which was milk (no sugar experience) and rusk. We packed our things again and started off in a jiffy and climbed up the picnic pool and up and up and up to exit as soon as possible. We climbed the hill with short breaks helping each other. We had some awesome views in the middle. We then descended and then ascended without water the whole way. I couldn't walk very well but got inspired by Sobana, Lise and Amanda (This little one really inspired me). Then our way down to the exit was easy and we did it with smiles in our faces. We came down by 1.30 pm and reached our van. Heard some good stories from Manikam about his past treks.


Then the singing season 2 started in the van with some terrific moves from Ram. Then the most awaited Lunch break came which I can not forget till now.
We reached chennai by 5.30 pm with loads of memories and the beautiful, fun filled trek came to an end to our body and mind, but, will live forever in our hearts.........
Thanks to
Praveen -  For organising this trek
Hamal Raja - For being our walking GPS
Heaven Guy and Ram - For entertaining us
Rupesh Arvind - For pushing me to walk well throughout the trek
Prakash - For capturing the moments
And all others for making it a memorable trek...........

Y. Praveen Kumar.

'Using the Resource efficiently, is also a way of saving it'



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