An appeal to corporates and colleges – Join hands with CRK to donate blood for the underprivileged victims of Chennai floods

Sunday, December 20, 2015
Chennai is known for its indomitable spirit and last two months of devastating rains saw the city rise to the disaster and wreckage by opening up the doors of humanity. Though Chennai is inching towards normalcy following the deluge, diseases are on a rise. A huge number of skin infections, dengue cases and various viral infections reported in numerous government hospitals across the city has resulted in a huge demand for volunteer blood donors. The families of the most poor getting treated in government hospitals, are often under stress to arrange donors and your blood could save their lives. After distribution of relief kits for their survival, it’s time for us to donate blood for their treatment and cure. A minimum of 250 blood units (1 units = 350 ml) per day is required in the Government Hospitals in Chennai, however what is managed to be arranged is only 40 units, which is 6-7% of the demand.

You don’t have to be a doctor to save a life. A few drops of your blood is all it takes to save a life.
Chennai Red Knights of the Chennai Trekking Club appeals to the colleges/corporates to come forward and join hands with us in order to help out the poor flood affected victims in this need of hour through blood donation camps. 
If your college/company is ready to co-ordinate with us for a blood donation camp, do fill out this form and we will reach out to you soon.
About Chennai Red Knights:
Chennai Red Knights (CRK) is the Blood donors’ wing of Chennai Trekking Club. CRK team is actively involved in arranging donors for surgeries, emergency requests and blood camps in Egmore Child Hospital, Rajiv Gandhi G.H and emergency volunteer donor requests for various other private hospitals in Chennai. Based on pure volunteer support, CRK has coordinated 1000+ units (1000 units = 3000 lives saved) so far.

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