Say No to Plastic @ IHM, Chennai - Write up by Chitra Sharma

Thursday, November 12, 2015
Say No to Plastic @ IHM, Chennai
Write up by Chitra Sharma

A special occasion: The World Tourism Day

A special place: IHMInstitute Of Hotel Management Catering Technology, Chennai

It was a Friday evening, a distance of four kms taking well over half an hour. I was anxious to reach the destination as soon as possible.  The destination IHM, a stone's throw from Ascendas was very well tucked away from the heavily polluted Madhya Kailash, OMR. When I reached the campus I felt a gush of fresh wind caressing my hair. Looking around I found my friends waiting near the entrance of the college.  The college was brightly lit and so were the people. The energy of the environment was infectious and it spread on all of us.
Slowly as our numbers increased, we moved into a classroom for some last minute practice. The setting of the room brought out the nostalgic memories of our college days and people started imitating their teachers in front of the blackboard.
As the initial enthusiasm settled down to more controlled excitement before out events, our standin dance master Vinodh Balasubramaniam (VB) helped assign people into positions and started rehearsals. As our room was very close the stage we could not rehearse with loud music as it would interfere with the music.  So we all practiced the dance in hushed silence with everyone whispering the songs in sync. After we finished our practice we were all set to rock the dance floor!
The group dispersed and blended along with the crowd to appear inconspicuous. Then came our turn; our war boys as we call them lovingly, jump started our performance with a rehearsed mock fight over littering of plastic bottle. A moment of confusion followed with the college students assuming it to be a real fight only to be surprised when slowly everyone started to dance. Powerful lights, a huge assembly of enthusiastic students, alumni and guests, and a steady procession of different talents: the stage was set for us: CESAW, and an exhilarating power packed performance it was!!!. Amidst loud cheers, hoots and a continuous applause, the CESAW team concluded a performance with a clear message to the public, echoing the sentiments of the chief guest, who on the worldtourism day insisted the students to spread awareness on cleanliness and reduction of plastic usage.
Our key note speakers Gilbert Ram and Ashwanth left the audience spell bound with their powerful oratory skills and loud and clear message for the necessity of quick action of reduction of plastic usage. As we concluded the show patting each others back and shaking hands on the powerful performance, we were asked a question. Are you from CTC? Yes, was the resounding and proud reply!

Special thanks to our photographer- Vishnu



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