Ainthinai - Writeup of Volunteering at Cuckoo - Oct 3

Sunday, November 15, 2015
Writeup From MG Raja
I would like to commence the experiential sharing with The Cuckoo Movement for Children with an

Appreciation to the organisers of CTC-Ainthinai for the careful selection of two dozens of like minded people for the camp cum volunteering.

Glad that I am there in the list of selected ones and interesting to see everyone’s bubbling faces with enthusiasm to serve the two days for a noble cause.

It was of course a grandiose commencement of journey with Rain, Lightening & Thunder, the style of our Great Mom, The Nature! Clean & Green everywhere...

Throughout the travel we had the homely comfort by the hospitality of Ms. Shanta, our Event Accountant by offering us refreshment(s)/ hot cups of beverages and with experiential sharing.

Arrived early morning in the basement of Javadhu Hills where Cuckoo is located. It was cool, dark and wet so got down from the vehicle with our torch lights. Got an opportunity to the hold the hands of Mr. Parivallal, who challenged himself to walk along with us for a long distance in that uneven wet surface as per the instruction of my mother nature to take care of him throughout the event. Open Hut with mat spread invited us to sleep on it. Some of us have a power nap.
Woke up by call to drink Black coffee by cuckoo caretakers, few sips of that hot drink made us fresh. Eye catching moments when we see the sprawling campus of cuckoo in the light of sun rise.Tooth Brush from Neem Tree and Open bathrooms helped to attend nature’s call (Provision were available for wash area as well) and took a mini bath in the stream nearby and dressed to start the service.

Organisers allocated work to all of us appropriate to each and everyone’s capability. Fresh air made us energetic to perform the work in an effective way.
Call for Breakfast made us to rush the spot as hunger pulled us with force. Many of us forgotten to bring bowl/ plate to eat, so what? We applied sharing concept and shared with CTC Family. Ragi Poridge with pickles were served. We eat/ drank it with licks of pickles.
Found a little Angel named as Baby. Jyotsna accompanying with us with great spirits. (Remember my Amma saying “Angles from Heaven will join you when you do good things) Small Girl with real Big Heart!

Back to work especially on Tree Plantation, Maintenance Work, protection creation, etc.  Never become tired because of the fun filled space created by our peers.
Bath in the stream revived us and had Lunch Cooked by Village women who cooked for us in a short time. No colours/ artificial flavours, only natural aura! Then we had nap.Evening began with laughs created by jokes, small discussions, chit-chat by our new friends.Post sun set, we had our Self Introduction Session, where we came to know greater attributes of every simple person over there. Bigger Dreams came out of smaller mouths. The like-mindedness
tagged all of us into ONE FAMILY called as CTC.

Senior Members of CTC like Ms. Abhirami shared us the greater vision of Ainthinai. Mr. Mani shared about the stories Red Knights initiatives and the need for Blood Donation, really made me shed tears when heard small kids dying because lack of
blood or on time availability. We all took a silent oath in heart to blood regularly.Mr. Aravindh Ra explained about the need for Green initiatives at current times. One sentence impressed me: “Don’t think that we are doing a favour for nature/ giving back to nature by planting trees, but it is an opportunity only of us to be a part of nature’s revival mechanism. This sentence made me feel humble towards the nature. Thanks Mr. Aravindh for making an attitudinal change.
Then we had the golden moments of the day, which moved us when Mr. Siva, one of founding Initiators of Cuckoo starting speaking about cuckoo. The Zero expectation attitude in service. This resembles the synchronisation with CTC which is 100% Volunteering for a cause. The thought
process change towards a tribal people who are really smarter men and lead a sustainable living with available things in their environment.
This makes cuckoo not only a land of opportunity for alternative education but an abode of self realisation. It’s a land with life! It a movement of moved hearts. It’s an eco-friendly zone maintained by evolutionary matured men. It’s not only a forest school but a finishing school of life skills. A means to relax in nature’s lap.
Time came for having Dinner to fill our stomach but the heart is already fed with emotional fulfilment.

Each one of us positioned ourselves to sleep in the hut which was warmer as it was very cold outside due to drizzles of rain. Music from Mr. Mani’s Mobile was really soothing to ears. Few ghost jokes were cracked and made the surround curious. Discipline was ruling every corner as watch dog.
Morning Sun Rise woke up all of us to clear the remaining service to be rendered out there.Tree Maintenance Work like mulching, guarding, stone arrangement was carried out. Fresh Guava was offered to us and Black Tea was available as the Breakfast would take some more time. Call for Breakfast pooled all of us to kitchen. Then we carried out the pending activities in the farm.

Few Members of Cuckoo

Everyone march towards the Stream where water flow was more due to the late night rain. We played along with kids and peers.
Local kids visited cuckoo and collected Balloons, Sweets, Dolls and other playing things which we offered to them.
Kids made us feel young and remembered our kindergarten days. Enquired about the administrators about the absence of visible big Name Boards, attractive Logo or Display of Administrators, Publicity and got replied as Cuckoo is not for Theoretical Intelligent but for Innocent Intelligents who does not require the foresaid.We took group photo with those children as a remembrance! Kids bid farewell to us with a sound “Cuckoo”!

Had our lunch in a hotel on the way and reached our city by evening. Photographers made the events still greener to our hearts.Kudos to Mr. Arun Prasad for collecting all plastics and handing over to Madambakkam Panchayat for Road Laying.
அற்புதமாக‌ மரக்கன்றுகள் நட்ட ஒரு தினத்தின் இறுதியில் கன்றுகள் இருந்த நெகிழி(பிளாஸ்டிக்) பைகளும் மற்ற நெகிழிகளையும் குழந்தைகள் சுத்தம் செய்து கொடுக்க, பின்னர் வெயிலில் காயவைக்கப்பட்டு, சென்னை மாடம்பாக்கம் திடக்கழிவு மேலாண்மை நிலையத்தில் ஒப்படைக்கப்பட்டது...
நாமும் நமது இல்லங்களில் உருவாகும் பிளாஸ்டிக்களை சுத்தம் செய்து, காயவைத்து உரிய இடத்தில் ஒப்படைப்போம்.3 மாதம் சேரும் குப்பை ஒரு பைக்கு மேல் வராது !

Purposeful Weekend for all of us, satisfied of done a social cause and felt proud be a part of CTC- Ainthinai!

Thanks,Team Ainthinai



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