CTC - Emperor's SUV Trip Post event Write Up

Thursday, November 5, 2015
Written by Preethi Kumar.

I was told that
Travelling is life cha(lle)nging .
Travelling helps create loving memories.
Travelling breaks the routine.
Travelling broadens outlook and relieves you from anxiety.
Yes, it is!! :) 

I have been on many vacations with family and friends. But this trip was the one possessing all the qualities stated above: It’s unique and perfect. Like they say in IT companies I would start the trip with Top - Down Approach.

Chennai >> Jog Falls >>Gokarna>> Chennai
This is the road map for the trip planned!. Like Ripley’s believe it or not you may not believe it, the company I had for this trip was one of my sisters and 25 strangers!!.
The trip started with a little bit apprehensions. (Probably coz I never knew almost 100% of people I had company or rather I am giving a company to).
Keeping apart that feeling I had, it was exciting as well.

Yay!! :) I was all set for SUV Trip - Jog Falls!!  Boarded the car around 6 pm with a fully charged smart phoneand seat belt on!! The car sped off  the highway. There were some quick intros and rocky tunes to create the mood and make the trip interesting. There was a couple of TT breaks (Tea & Toll) and along with a break for dinner near ambur.  We went to this place near tumkur at around 2 am for that night’s stay. Camping was a whole new experience for me. Uneven terrain, damptarp, wind and drizzle are out of the comfort zone but it was still nice to come back to basics. It was a cheesy idea to stay in an open place rather than a regular cottage.

Friday 6 AM : We started our trip towards Jog falls. We stopped for breakfast in a highway hotel. The roads were beautiful.  We had a few pit stops at places where they had our interests. The first and foremost thing we did was to capture the stunning beauty of these places in our cams. There is a reason when I mentioned travelling is cha(lle)nging.  After some adventure in the NH, we get to experience different landscapes and road conditions. All I could do was look out of the window and get stunned at the green carpet .Amid all this, it is the people you travel with make the trip so lively and interesting. When I started this trip it as I was telling had some apprehensions and if there is any stage where I had to tell that my apprehensions were completely erased off, I feel this is time. The same trip.Same people. Same schedule . But  the feeling is different now. Now I am feeling fortunate to be a part of this trip. I ended up being friends with all of them. Yes Travel is Life changing!. The comfort they provided me in such a new and adventurous place can only be felt and not typed in! 

Continuing with the lines about trip, around 2 0 clock we reached the destination: "The Magnificient Jog falls", 2nd highest plunge waterfall in India. In sunlight, we are able to witness spectacular rainbow formation in the waterfall.  What a view it was!! If there are any lifetime experiences in my life, it is one. It is then we climbed down some 1500 steps to the bottom of the falls. This was a breathtaking view again!! 
Then, we had a bath in fresh water and had some incredible time there. It was so damn reviving. Night rides are extraordinary, especially in hilly areas. Had dinner and dozed off on the way in a building.

Next day, after the breakfast we headed towards Gokarna. We started our day in the main beach and then we were set to be overwhelmed in Om beach. Om beach was surrounded by mountains. The beach was lovely. Swimming , playing etc. are just a few extra toppings to the beauty of the view and sea Just sat in the scenic beach view restaurant munching some starters and enjoyed the turquoise water and beige sand. Wonderful!!. After that played in the beach again and again and again !! And Of course, took photographs. Needless to say SUNSET sets a view in your mind which can ever be erased!!

The same night we went to nearby place for camping. A campsite can’t get any better. This place is one the most beautiful places I have ever slept. Nothing can be as refreshing as sleeping in the green lands under the stars. Never believed when people told that there comforts what money cannot buy how much ever you spend – not this time! Imagine you wake up in the morning and you see mountains beside you. Exciting is it? This is exactly what happened - Next day I woke up to see mountain side view. Beautiful! Amazing!!. If beauty alone is part of the trip then it’s not complete. So what makes it complete the story? Trek – we went on a small trek and climbed for 45 mins.The most beautiful moments can be captured not only in our minds but also in cameras. So we stuck to that principle ;). I wanted to reach heights in life – Yes this trip offered me that as well. We trekked to the highest point possible and the view was just Awesome ! Breathtaking! Amazing !

Like an object falls on ground because of gravity from a height, we had to come to ground eventually L
The return journey started returning us back to our normal lives. But the moments we experienced during the trip were the moments we actually lived our life.
Thanks to CTC and its team for organizing such memorable trip!! Many thanks to all of you for being part of this trip!!



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