Story of a Life Saver I - MG Raja

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Story of a Life Saver I - MG Raja
M G Raja is a great volunteer and regular blood donor. Here he shares his experience with us-   donating once in every 3 months for the last 18 years, 62 times so far .  And of course , he is committed to donating till  the last breath

How many times you have donated, from when did you start donating ?
62 Times so far, donating since college days.

How did it start - any personal reason ?

Commenced from College Days and will continue till my last breath
What motivates you to donate blood ?

Its the Golden Opportunity to save lives

How fit are you , How do you manage to be fit so ?Vegetarian, Exercises, Yoga & Meditation keeps me fit, but you dont have to be superhuman to donate, simple lifestyle is sufficient.

How do you feel physically after donating blood ? (dizzy , weak , sick , normal )?
I feel normal after donating Blood any physically fit person will feel normal, all above are myths.
How do you feel mentally after donating ?
I feel accomplished after donation and feel a purpose for my existence
To donate you have to travel, how do you feel , how you manage time ?
Golden Opportunity to save lives

Your leave work/schedule any thing clash with it ?

Well planned schedule will not clash work. Plan, Inform my reporting authority a week before and avail permission and travel on the way to office

Why did you give away something for free ?
All natural assets  like Air, Water, etc are available free. My blood is also a natural assets to me, How can I sell that.

Were you sent back ever, stating you are not eligible to donate, what did you do then ?
Yes I was sent back once due to lack of haemoglobin count.It went was 10
But within ten days I improved it and went back and made it with the haemoglobin count of 13

How did you improve your haemoglobin count ?
I have changed my  food habits. I have Dates every 3 hours one piece,Green leaves daily,Dry grapes soaked in Water @ night and eat in morning, Daily one fruit,Beetroot juice weekly once etc

Have you met any recipients of your blood ,how was those experience ?

Regular donation will not create an opportunity to meet the recipients on the way we see little kids sick and their eyes longing for blood.
Emergency Donation creates a possibility of meeting the recipient and the moment they wish you and praise you as God/ Angel, I feel even more responsible to keep myself healthy and keep donating more to serve the humanity.

Most memorable moment when you donated

I donated blood to a elderly women patient for an open heart surgery and post donation I went to meet the patient to meditate and extend positive energy to her. Got the Chance to meet her children and grand children. They belongs to a financially sound background and socially well recognized one. That time I was searching for Job and my family was in poverty due to lack of job of my father, the one and only bread winner, they enquired about me and offered me a job and were ready to support financially and offered visiting card for further communication.

I left the place and visit and dropped the card in temple hundi and told God that I'll never sell my Blood at any cost directly or indirectly in whatsoever bad situation you give. Accept this V card as a token of love from them and save that patient's live. That's my only prayer to you.  

Is it morally right to donate for people of other religion/ caste ? Do you check religion/caste of recipient or do they ask yours ?
Blood knows no religion, caste, creed, language, colour, so we can donate to any needy person.
I don't ask for any details of the recipient except their patient Code/ Name so that It's recorded and reach only the correct patient.
Recently recipient's family asked me and I said that "Like my creator, I am beyond Nationality, Language, Religion, Caste or even Gender! 
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