ONE DAY MODERATE TREK TO EAST NAGALA – 25TH JULY 2015 - write-up by Priyadharshini

Wednesday, July 29, 2015
-        write-up by Priyadharshini
TP Kotta Dam - Dead end pool – Picnic Pool – Magic Pool - TP Kotta Dam ----17 KMs

I was longing to go for trek for almost a year, my colleague asked me what’s so special about trekking! A trek to me is where one can feel only the positive energy. The positivity of the nature induces the positive energy in every trekker and helps to get rid of all negative vibes. After every trek a person will have an optimistic approach towards his life, if not it’s time for another trek! J

Thanks to Peter for encouraging me during the fitness trek at Pallavaram. Thanks to the organisers Magesh, Guna, and special thanks toJack alias Jayanthan. Thanks to Suresh Babu who helped me a lot throughout the trek and while driving back.

We assembled at Koyambedu eagerly awaiting for a private bus from Bangalore where our fellow trekker Anup was coming. 17 enlightened souls in 4 cars started left Koyambedu at 5:40am. We reached Oothukotai for breakfast and headed to Nagala East. Around 2 kilometres it was pebble road, but was manageable with an Alto car.

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As we parked our cars, our organisers distributed the food packets for lunch and clicked a group picture. We started trekking towards the magnificent mountains around 8:30am. It was an awesome team where all the members walked the same pace; we stopped in-between only for headcounts. The organisers had a good plan for movement; it was like three groups each having an organiser or two tailing without gap. Also they signalled each other to slowdown in case of a long gap.

We reached the dead end pool by 9:45am and quickly made ferry and carefully shifted things without dropping any in water.  I thought I would be able to swim but later discovered that I had this fear for deep waters. With the help of Guna, Magesh & ‘ungalala mudiyum’ Suresh, I managed to cross the dead-end pool by slipping.. screaming..! We quickly started picking our things after crossing and started to walk without any delay. Need to mention again, it was a superb team with full-on energy!

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We reached the picnic pool at 12:30pm and had a dip and quick lunch and few had fish spa including me. We again started at 1:30pm towards magic pool and climbing the uphill was the hardest part for me and also for a couple of people. It was too tiring and had stopped twice for a 5min break, where the Guna, Magesh, Suresh & Jack were continuously encouraging me. All that was running in my mind that time was I shouldn’t be slowing down the team. So, I started to walk with the lead Jack so that I get longer breaks. On the way Jack carried couple of plastic bottles left on the way by some group. Organisers were very particular about carrying back our own trashes.

We reached the Magic pool at 3:45pm. The natural slide was the highlight and I climbed twice to slide through it. Later we headed to the car park with a small break of 10min at the last water point. While coming back Suresh, Magdoline and few other members took the route further down looking for Indian blackberry (Jamun). And finally Suresh could find some in a tree near car park. And we left Nagala around 5:45pm. We had snacks & tea at oothukottai again, and few of us bought some Mangos. We started our return journey at 7:30pm, there was a huge traffic at Periyapalayam had to wait for an hour 8-9pm. Meanwhile we tried parrota &duck curry sitting inside the car itself. Please don’t miss it when you cross Periyapalayam. We reached Koyambedu around 10pm.

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Bidding adieu with a beautiful memory to take forward and will meet soon in the next trek!

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