Post trek writeup by Sundhari : Nagari, July 01 - 02 ' 2017

Saturday, July 1, 2017

                           When The Going Gets Tough , The Tough Gets Going !



10 a.m : New mail received “ Nagari trek -1st and 2nd July” .I do have some party plans this week.So obviously I can’t go.
10:30 a.m: It’s from Raj and Nilesh. It has to be good.But I have made party plans-Delete mail
11: 30 a.m : Let me look what it’s about.Got into deleted folder.”Hmm looks interesting”
12: 30: Registered!I will move party next week

Such is always the dilemma. I have had some of the most amazing treks with almost all the organizers-each one a different style-Peter,Vishal,Gautham,Vibin,Sankar,Ruthira,Raj,Nilesh,Prashanthi,Sandhya.Rajshekhar,Niranjan etc most of them I will cherish.
So there started the planning and execution.I left my car at the Perungudi station and hopped into Pandian Anna’s cab.We had booked a cab and van in lieu of the permit issue.All gathered near to Koyambedu and we set off for the fun to roll-on.

Breakfast was enroute –The hotel owner refused to smile at any of us.Did it matter to us? No.CTC people soru only important !We packed up again to reach the temple at Nagari. Parked the vehicles and set off.


At the outset I picked up speed which I know messes me up and ultimately ended up tired.However trudged along till we stopped for a short break on top.We then stopped at the water fall when all the boys showed off their bones-sorry body and jumped into the water.After the refresh we walked up and reached the lunch spot-Good news! No water.We managed with what we had,took a power nap and started again.Our aim was to reach mountain rock –The only guaranteed source of water ,it flows slower than our government taps but its water for sure. We filled our stomachs and bottles.


We climbed a lil above dropped our bags and headed to the tower peak, A favourite amongst for its lovely views.As the route was fairly simple everyone climbed at their own pace. A little more warmed up after my session of  Zumba (Ambudu Lets do gummudu) that I taught them J


We then headed back,cooked our upma and lay down watching the stars and chatting for sometime.Mistake As usual in any trek the snorers slept first and we had to lie their listening to various forms of engines.Finally  tiredness took over and we dozed off just to be woken up by the BBC radio-Ashish .No one knows what the conversation was at 2 p.m so loudly.However one shout from Ganapathi and all radio channels shut shop.

It was around 6 a.m when light streamed in that all of us woke up.I guess I was the first and it look some time to realize how I moved from my bed to between these 16 odd cave men and women.They all looked friendly though.I went about making coffee with lot of suggestions.


I asked everyone to shut up.As expected they loved the coffee.Then we made maggi-The one food I hate.I had bun to eat.
Raj,Nilesh and Prashanthi set out to check a new trail ,or a secret meeting on how to screw all our happiness.You never know.

We headed back to our way out and decided to take different route. One of the best decisions. We discovered a huge gorge of beauty.We clicked various pictures here and headed out. 


Water was a scarcity now.All of us were asked to preserve water and not to lend.I had already exhausted my 500 ml of water and made up my mind to walk without water.However Raj very graciously offered me some later.We walked for a very long time and came across a village where we filled in water and took a short break.Post that we started walking again with no idea how long it will take to reach some mode of transport to reach Puttur.

BBC radio-Ashish

Our cabs wee not allowed into the location we were in and had to go to Puttur.We finally reached a Bajji/Bonda shop by Aiyya and I tentatively took one bonda. Nilesh and team would have had 10 plates with 4 in each plate.I looked down to see if it was dropping below.How did they have the stomach to hold so much!!!I envy them ! 
Nilesh got us an auto and a group had to leave.The other group waited for the cab to pick them up. Enroute we saw both van and cab and got into the van and set the cab to fetch them. 
We stopped by to get some tea/coffee because as per the recent government rule,tea and coffee on the highways is very healthy.
We reached well in time to Chennai  and bade our Good-Byes. 

I went over picked my car ,dropped Madesh and reached home.
I loved this group,many friendly people with no ego hassles.




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