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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
"For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver."-  Martin Luther King

Every year Ainthinai comes with a theme in its plantation activities. last year it was GREEN HIGHWAYS in which highways were concentrated as plantation locations and many such locations were planted with numerous saplings.

This year it is GREEN SCHOOL were in all activities related to making the schools more green and environment friendly is the aim of the initiative. The School is the best place to teach and inculcate new ideas and the green awareness can spread its wings in the young minds , By involving the future generation to take up the responsibility for the future of the planet.The activities involved in this initiative is making it eco friendly in its approach to the maximum possible feasibility which include 

1. Tree sapling plantations- how a sapling has to be planted and cared to ensure its survival.
2. Gardening - setting up a School Nursery garden of vegetables , herbs and raising young saplings from seeds. The kids would be exposed to the wonders of nature and the immense happiness derived out of raising the plants with their own hands
3. Composting - A composting pit would be made for the kids to dump their organic wastes to make a natural compost for the garden thereby in this procedure the kids learn to effectively manage the waste they produce.
4. Rain water Harvesting - A simple catchment setup to be raised to save the precious rain water instead of letting it go waste and to avoid water being stagnant in school premises which can become breeding ground for vectors.
5. Sanitation - Simple sessions explaining the need of sanitation, keeping the school clean as well as personal hygiene.
6. Wall Painting - Taking up environment themes the walls would be painted involving the kids ! whats more fun is sending a message through colors !
7. Crafts from Wastes - Why waste waste when you can make crafts out of them ! As a extracurricular activity kids can be taught to make crafts out of things we consider waste! which can be kept as display showcasing their creativity !
8. Awareness - An idea could provoke a revolution..but first it has to be triggered within the minds !! For a change to begin it has to first happen within the mind.So the activities in turn will act as a awareness medium through which children learn the ways to being more eco sensitive. It could change how they look at nature and being the responsible future generation.
Its more like planting a thought provocation seed in their minds!

Project Green School - Location :  Govt High School - Kandigai

Kandigai is a remote village quietly tugged behind the Vandalur Perungalathur Forest. Silent roads, low lying fields, majestic water bodies, little hills, the entire stretch of Vandalur Kelambakkam Highway is dotted with many villages like Kandigai.

Through a Corporate Organization we got some interesting information about the school's functioning and were spell  bound about the activities performed.Attendance & Discipline, Campus Cleanliness, Hygiene, Utilization of Resources, Academics, Green Club, Audio Visual room, Fully equipped and comfortable library, growing strength Approx 600 students and 20 Teachers,the list goes on.

The School is spread across approx. 7 Acres of Land with 70 % of it completely open. Playground lost 100s of saplings that were nurtured by student teams during Vardah. 
So Ainthinai decided to do a plantation. With the School's excellent track record, we decided to  fix this school as a Model for Ainthinai's Green School Initiative.
The School management happily welcomed us and have given the freedom to initiate all the above activities.

What's better than planting Trees to Kickstart an event..
Around 40+ volunteers from Ainthinai and Cognizant Tech Solutions reached the school on the early hours of July 8th. Just as we reached by 6:15 AM two student residing nearby welcomed us and opened the School gates for us.  Always a great scene when kids welcome with pure happiness. 

We started with initial plantation activities in the school campus, digging pits for saplings. Both of the kids helped us in the whereabouts, moving stuffs etc. Clocked ticked 8:00 AM and we have planted around 50 Saplings near the back compound wall of the school. Kids in red striped uniform started appearing in the school premises and joined us. Each of them carried the saplings to the south compound wall where they wanted to plant the saplings. Our volunteers dug pits and the kids planted the saplings. Some of the kids were very much eager that they took the tools from us and did everything themselves. 

Meanwhile a garden was under preparation behind the school where we decided to plant vegetable saplings. A proper farm type bed was set where saplings of Tomato, Brinjal and Chillies were planted. Lady's finger seeds  were also sowed. The garden was fenced and awareness was given to kids on maintenance.

Before we could start watering the kids grabbed the water pots and started to water the saplings themselves. The carried approx 10 litres every time and walked approximately 400 to 500 metres to fill and feed the saplings. After the regular School Assembly meet we joined them and watered the saplings as  fast as we could. 

Each student took ownership of a sapling and promised to nurture them.  

A total of 105 Native Tree saplings and more than 40 vegetable saplings were planted in the spawning school campus. 

Apart from the above listed events Ainthinai has planned a few direct student engagement activities like Drawing, wall painting, quiz etc. Deserving kids will be appreciated and awarded. We are expanding the Green School programme to a number of different schools in and around Chennai and plan similar activities.

Our  future  generation must be aware of the  environmental consequences and its the right time to guide and preach them on being Eco Friendly, leading a life  without harming the planet and its Natural Resources.



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