CTC Navigation Bootcamp 2017 - Module 8 - Graduation at Nagala East

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Welcome to the final module of the CTC Navigation Bootcamp 2017
Module 8
Venue: Nagalapuram
Dates: May 20-21
Prerequisite: successful completion of 7 prior assignments
Reporting: Uthukottai Saturday, May 20th, 6:30am
Completion: Sunday 5pm
Mandatory Gears
Team to arrange own (or share) transportation from Chennai / other cities
Procure two day food ration (2 x BF, 2 x lunch, 1 x dinner) - cooking pots will be provided for Sat dinner
Camping gears (sleeping mat, blanket, torch)
Trekking gears (shoes, small backpack, PET bottle, sun protection)
Analyze the terrain topography around the Nagala East stream and identify all valleys and ridges. You will mostly follow these to navigate around. Submit the resulting map in this form
Carry 2 mobile phones per team, full charged with battery backup, switch in flight mode
Install "GPS Status" app (position + bearing)
Install "Oruxmaps" app (offline contour maps + load these waypoints)
Cache above contour map of Nagala East
Carry print out of geo-referenced Nagala East map - over here
Field Assignment
All teams will proceed together to base camp along Nagala East stream inside the mountains
(camping gears + food can be kept in this location)
Minimum 3 members per team (safety reasons). Teams with lesser headcount will be merged
3 random waypoints (lat, lon) out of these 9 around the stream will be assigned to each team
Teams will navigate those their assigned points in given sequence by creating / navigating their own trail
Navigated trail to be recorded on phone, create waypoints at assigned points
Assignment can be completed either on same day or next day (timing is not important)
Saturday 5pm all teams must report mandatory to base camp for overnight stay (safety)
Latest by Sunday 3pm all teams must report mandatory to base camp whether complete or not

1. Screenshot of trail followed by the team to navigate to the assigned points shown on a Google contour map
2. Screenshot of
elevation profile of the navigated trail in Google Earth
Analysis of the navigated trail - challenges faced, optimizations possible, etc
Submit your answers in this form



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