CTC Profiles Dr. Gayathri Devi Selvaraj

Friday, April 7, 2017

Being a Doctor was my dream, for to serve the weary and needy was my ambition and destined to be a dental surgeon, eventually ending up to stop that gnawing ache people rush with.
While in the haunt of the right social gathering to quench the anti monotonous life thirst in me, while most of peer are caught in the cob web of gadgets and hard to find time for healthy discussions on the next phase of social resposblities, i spent my time on shores of marina stroll every morning after a swim in MCC and evenings after work. The close association and love for nature and its marvellousness would upset and thrust me hard every single day, in witnessing huge plastic and garbage impact on the beautiful shores where i admire the sunrise and sunset. Two years rolled so easily and i shifted to southern part of the city with family, although i missed the marina and my wanderlust, upset with another bizarre scenario of huge farm fields being engulfed under concrete apartments and rapid rise in garbage dump at every 50 or 100m empty plots and lands.
I wished for the super power of being a multimillionare to buy the fields and keep them garbage free area in the city, dumpying
the waste for natural compost pile, growing own fertile veggies and greens, sharing happiness as how my granny does in the delta region of the state.
With all setbacks, i surfed ways for find a nest high above all commotions to join the flock flying resiliently against all odds, I came with CTC, and AINTHINAI pages on fb. I followed them for 2 years randomly, with an inhibition of not being a consistent web user, and nontechy savy unknowing how to bump into this strange wilderness group, living the ways I wish to pursue,clouded with thoughts and doubts; what is the cost I should pay for my dream community, the commitment, stringiness of leaves from duties, will it set for a thrilled girl hailing from a typical conservative south indian family, travel options, night stays..??!! And one fine day in july 2014 saw my college mate ABIRAMI tagged in few pics of Ainthinai activity and LGOOO, and I was super excited to know a face of entry and started the chat enquiry with her to pull me into the events.
My first event was AYYANGARKULAM, first maintainance on september 14th, the memories of which are still fresh, and the thank mail I had sent to team, was actually wordless, not enough to express my joy of the lost child in me, finding my way back home. And then on, was frequent in most events of green crusaders,coastal cleanups,ottiyambakkam swimming and took happy responsible volunteering when CHENNAI RED KNIGHTS emerged on other hand and had to spare my weekends for supporting the children in hospital visits.
I am a slow learner and love to experiment anything and everything by complete observance and understanding. Although sports and adventurous treks are in my bucket list, to pull and push myself back to fitness , explore the bliss of being into bewildered beautiful nature, giving time for self planning and execution.

BEING in CTC, is BEING HUMAN, to me. Yes!! what more than an oppurtunity to live for the purpose of life, unharming the nature and contributing in return for our society, environment, and natural resources we share with others??!! I witness so many people change in their social responsiblities after being regular in CTC events irrespective of their personal or official positions. And my BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT in being a CTCian, is BEING ME for the rest of my life. I am the happy sparrow in my world aspiring to fly high to the peaks of blissful heavenly nature, living the purpose of this life to the fullest, leaving no stone unturned in the path of exploration in CTC communal friends forever.
The best moment in CTC would be the most gifted, unexpected, undreamt moment; feb 26th 2017... 😉 yess! TP-7 😍
 the best cherished second to get acredition to what I love, from the person who will be the love of my life thereon, TOP volunteer 2016 award, as just I was floating on the cloud 9, with Peter and ARAVINDH beside me towards a journey of wedding life loaded with hopes and determinations. And my extended CTC family joining my wedding on march 9th 2017, boosting my confidence to pursue my passionable volunteering with much more josh and allowing no setbacks of a typical indian marital life.
Having accomplished the long awaited ignition of a first treks of life, with my partner in crime on our honeymoon to TIGER NEST and Chalela peak (being in CTC,had a guilt all the while for not taking up the stamina for a trek past 3 years), my future goals for self is to discipline physical fitness to join treks and thereon to participate in triathlon,especially the ocean swim. I am sure my peer are the best to break all our inhibitions and push us forward with that extra kick and I will henceforth motivate more female force and the inhabitated men and kids to live the ECO SAFE- CTC way.
Balancing work and passion is the tough deal, but having events round the week in the CTC annual planner , will never force me on stringent schedules and easy planning before hand helps us again as joining the crowd in harmony is so easy.
LIFE AFTER CTC, is Life found ! If you have amused anyone in the corporate world, and they repented you as Katan, or the wild, then join us... we show you, the jungle for MOWGLIs like you. You want good friends for life, your treasure is here. You wish to change the world seeing you, come see the change we give the world to vision us.
Reach the Heavenly HORIZONS you envisioned with us, for the child in you, and the Parent in our coordinators!(viceversa at times 😁)
I am self empowered and satisfied being a CTCian, and this is what, volunteering in CTC has rooted my stand today like the Peepal tree, from nowhere to every costing only our passionate dedication and definitely those extra smiles for all the joyous miles.



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