[Chennai Trekking Club] CTC Ainthinai Weekly Events Summary Mail 17-23 Apr, 2017

Thursday, April 27, 2017
"If you cut down a forest, it doesn't matter how many sawmills you have if there are no more trees." - Susan George.

Lets plant Saplings and make it to grow as tree. It will help us to live and our future.

There are selfless volunteers who joined their hands to clean Ambattur lake on 22/4/2017. It is on special day for all volunteers who loves our earth. Its Earth day. Saturday morning 7.30 a.m to 10.00 a.m nearly two and half hours they spend their time along with Corporation workers to restore the lake. During this cleanup they have collected plastics and destroyed few Seemai Karuvelam tree.

Now a days sun is very serious on our surfaces. When temperature is raising to high level say above 47 degree Celsius at that moment think about Saplings, even as a human being we cannot survive the heat and go outside. What will a small tree standing in hot sand will do?
We watered the saplings helping to stand and fight against this heat.

Event 3 : Kambarajapuram Maintenance
Done Watering for 1000+ saplings with the help of 3 tankers each 6000 litres and 8 green lovers took part in this activity to enrich the saplings which we have planted during the last green day in September.

Ainthinai's another favorite moment is Camping and Plantation / Maintenance. Its just get relaxation from office and personal stress. There are 25 volunteers joined their hands and We the volunteers used to cook and eat ourselves. Saturday night they prepared and had good food and slept late night but even though next day early morning they got up and done watering for 200+ Saplings and added mulching for 500+ saplings to keep the moisture and save the roots from direct sun light.

Event 5 : Watering at Siruvanjur, Padappai on 23 Apr.

Much needed action of watering the starving Saplings at Siruvanjur, Near Padappai where we had planted 1500+ Saplings during Ainthinai's Green Day.
Five brave souls volunteered to distribute 5000 liters of water to 500+ Saplings on this hot Sunday
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Watering done for 40+ Saplings in Mayanabhoomi 2 with 5500 litres tanker and Saplings which we have planted near parthi's home and watering to the little born babies in our aithinai's nursery.

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