Trek to Nagala 11-12 March 2017 - Write up

Friday, March 17, 2017
Nagalapuram trek March 11,12 - Post trek write up by Bhargav

This is my first post trek write up for Nagalapuram trek on may 11 and 12 organized by Prasanthi, Pankaj and Raj Jacob. 
I like to share my experience of this trek and about all the good and memorable things that happened during the trek. It 
was my third trek with CTC, but each time I start a trek, I feel the excitement that I had for my first trek.

Day-1 March 11th

Me and fellow trekker Arun boarded the van by 4 45 am at Nathans cafĂ© Koyembed. After a silent journey we reached 
Uthukotai, where we  had breakfast and then we started to Nagalapuram. We reached the western stream trail and I met
all 12 fellow trekkers and 3 organizers. While starting I never realized, I will end up making such a bond with everyone by 
the end of the trek. We started our trek at Nagala western stream trail and about 30 minutes into the trek, unfortunately, 
one fellow trekker Jayanthi had to cut short and turn back when both her shoe soles peeled off. The rest of us headed by 
Pankaj & Prasanthi and swept by Raj Jacob, crossed 1st ,2nd , 3rd , 4th and 5th pool in the western trail.


Then by noon we stopped at pool-5 to take a quick dip and it was a “bliss” as mentioned by our fellow trekker Sarat, the 
person who cheered us and made us laugh at so many instances. After a little bit swimming we started our trek again and 
by 1:30 PM we stopped for lunch. I had my delicious tamarind rice prepared by mom and shared food with each other in the 
team. After lunch we started our trek and reached the camp site by 6:30 PM and prepared dinner for the night.


We prepared a new combination of two pack maggi noodles & with four packets of ready-to-make upma, as suggested by 
our chef Raj Jacob. The food was real good. After dinner we had our night time chat, under stars with Vaishnavi , “bear grills” 
Arun Sharma, Sarat, sleeping Bilal, Sujatha, freshers Vimal, brave Priya, Simon and Suresh. It was a very informative 
session and Yoganath said some very interesting facts about globalization, hell, among other topics. Then by around 9 PM
we called it a night and slept under the stars, peacefully.


Day 2 - March 12th 

By 9 AM we were all ready and done with our breakfast and we headed towards picnic pool. The trail was an unexplored one.
On the way we stopped by a dry stream, dropped our bags and started climbing to a view point. This climb was a very thrilling 
experience for me. I successfully made it to the view point at last and the view was worth all the hardship I had to face during 
the climb. After coming down from the view point, we started back to picnic pool and we crossed beautiful streams and big 


Finally we reached picnic pool, the spot everyone were eagerly looking forward to. Took a refreshing dip and had our 
lunch and we started descending back to the foot hills of the Nagalapuram. 


On our way down, we were all blessed by rain god with her array of little droplets which cooled down our bodies and the 
whole dry landscape turned in to a beautiful green wonderland. But in spite of the heavy rain, the spirit of our team didn’t 
come down, we reached eastern entrance way ahead of schedule.

It was a perfect getaway weekend for me and I can see the same in the eyes of all other trekkers. After saying our final good 
byes to our beloved Naglapuram, where we experienced lot of things for us to learn and a place that has always welcomed us 
with her spread arms. We can never repay nature what we have taken from it.

We stopped at Uthukottai for some refreshment and started from their towards redhills. We stopped at the usual Karaikudi hotel 
for dinner, a little treat for what we accomplished as a group. We had a good veg/non-veg treats and we headed back to our 
concrete jungle with loads of memory.


I never felt like writing a post trek write-up as I was scared of making a lot of grammatical & spelling mistakes and but this trek 
will be special trek to me and will be close to my heart forever. I like to thank the wonder full organizers Prasanthi, Raj and Pankaj, 
who were all just patient and were co operative throughout the whole trek. And last but not the least I like to thank my awesome 
trek buddies, who made all this trek an epic and memorable one for me. I like to conclude my post trek write up with below quote 
and adios amigos… I hope we will all meet at in future treks.

For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.” 

Quote by Vimal:
It will be too lengthy if I start quoting different events and mention​ all new/good friends. Bear grills Arun was one of the seasoned 
trekkers and many were taking it quiet easily. Honestly I didn't face the heat of trekking although there were moments of that whole 
climbing down on the first day just before lunch and again descending down before we camped. Trek had challenging segments but 
I felt as a fresher this was definitely good and I was able to manage it mostly without struggle. I dedicate this to all 14 friends for 
motivating, showing its doable and I saw no one complaining that I can't do it etc.




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