CTC Profiles - Srimathi Rajeshwari Kumaraswamy

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

What are you currently doing (job/study)? your interests?

I am an entreprenaur, having my own startup and mother of a 4 yr kid and carrying second one in womb.. 
My intrest is awreness of tree palntation ,make plastic free world, as of now seggregation, tree plantation, making eco friendly cluster free world, running , cycling, swimming

When & How  did you  get started  CTC?

I am a Village born and broughtup girl from Erode, from a agricultural fmaily, after marriage i moved to Chennai i misses all those green activities which i do and see daily, My husband who told me about Chennai trekking club in the year of 2011 came to know through his office collegues, i am new to the city i folowed only mails for first 2.5 yrs, since i am a new mother at the time, got spinal injury after delivery, were i can't even stand for 5 minutes continuosly about 2.5 years, i am an athelete in school and college but stopped after my bachelors degree ended up with health problems, then i started running of my own, by following peters other running groups photo in fb, then in 2015 flood i participated with tambaram team just for packing things and food distribution, i am happy that i saw the like minded souls who were worked selflessly for 10 days day and night...

i always feeling left alone of thinking good to city from my childhood, when seeing ctc peoples each and everyone taches me i am not alone, evryone is selfless souls... i started going for weekday trek with my fmaily, then started participating in tree plantaion, then chennai costal cleanup 5, CCC6, ccc7, then started waste managent and home composting in home, creating awareness for ecofrienly things through online, Ottiyambakkam quarry is the best place in chennai, participated in triathlon in 2016 june, and did olympic triathlon, i have 100s of friends for life in ctc now..  

My Biggest achievement is i becoming a triathele because of CTC and also a sustainable environment volunteer,

My best moment is i got goosebumps when 100 s of ctc friends shouted sri sri when i completed swimming during last triathlon.

i am perfectly alright of my health now and more powerful bold girl because of ctc, my future goal is to make Chennai city fully with waste management, and also tamilnadu, then i want to become a Full Iron triathelete, and also i want to participate in internation level.. world class entreprenaur, women's equal rights

CTC helped me in leading many volunteering activities which i can do with so much confidence and bring me back the courage in me



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