CTC Profiles - Raghu Ram

Thursday, March 23, 2017
Featuring Raghu Ram

What are you currently doing (job/study)? Your interests?

I am Currently working with Hexaware Technologies- My Most of the Interest are maximum covered with CTC itself -  apart from this I love to write and Read  and Most importantly Cooking and Eating 

When & How did you get started CTC?

I got started with Ainthinai Event @ Thenneri by 2015, by then got addicted till date 

What are the activities of CTC that you are involved in?

Since Ainthinai was my Starting point – I am more active in Green Events, next will be Blood Donations, Platelets Donations, Clean up , Next trekking ,Back Pack Trips and Biking J   

What will you say has been your biggest achievement when it comes along with  CTC?

Yes , it’s always last May 8 – 2016 , we in the sense my whole family – Mom , Bro and Self – Enrolled for Donating our Organs – which was my Brothers Birthday and also it was Mother’s Day 

Anything else you might want to add?

If you feel  - life is boring and need a change – don’t always park your asses on ur Sofas and cushions –Step out of ur home –world is all yours  - you will feel the change 

Share any one of the CTC Best moments you had !

All the events with CTC are My Best Moments – but to be specific – its  Kamabarajapuram Green Day  - Heavy Rain on the before day of the event  -  we need to plant around 1000 saplings – all the pits were filled with water – till 4 am we were awake -  in between slept inside the car – tractor – next day – Good Turn around of volunteers –never hesitated of   thorns – water – mud- mud baths – that was my Unforgettable Best Moment with CTC

How do you manage your work life balance ?

If our brothers - Attitude, Interest and Priority are together – our work and life – rather CTC life will be balanced 

Any specific goals/dream that you are working on?

My Aim /Goal /Dream is to learn Swimming – I went for two days practicing in MOgappair SDAT – but at the end My Lazy Ass won J I lost – so before 2017 – I will atleast complete Olympic level in upcoming Triathlon events 

How has your life changed after joining this CTC ?

To be simple – if I am writing this – its only because of CTC

My official name is Ramasubramanian - But never did any thing wit that name  :) Now even in office space am called as Raghu(My pet name ) - which is only bcoz of CTC 

Share some of your cycling that you did in the CTC?

I have not yet participated in any big event of CTC – But roaming around with Friends of CTC and soon will be in to the Pictures

We have seen you in leading many of volunteering and how does this helps you outside CTC ?
Leading a team inside office is different, leading the team in volunteering is a Different Feel  -  it gave me patience , it gave me confidence ,it gave me will power , what not J
 What are you other interest?

My other interest are Cooking  , Eating  , Roaming  , Talking , story telling .. etc  J 



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