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Friday, March 31, 2017

What are you currently doing (job/study)? Your interests?

Currently am working in a private IT concern. ECR, Chennai.

Love to do knowledge sharing.

Love to write Tamil poems, ManoBharathi the one’s wordings made me to write a lot now a day.

Love to hear goose bumping music, having a long time wish to learn Tabla, I am talkative person (may be a blender).

Very much interested into spiritualism (CTC shown me that, it can be gained by serving people).

Like to spend time with physical activities to keep me a level up whenever I feel bad.

Became a pakka socialist! (I hope so).

When & How did you get started CTC?

Through Facebook started my first social activity by 13th Dec 2015 on birthday after my ever green GURUKULA life in Ramakrishna Mission Students Home (The Palace for Poor about 112 years from 1905), that day geared up my clean up activity with Velachery Vibrant Team (after long time got known that CTC fellows were there).

Jan 1st 2016; I never expect that I am going to kick off my stress dumped life with such wonderful family.

Registered for kotturpuram park post flood clean-up by CTC. AshwinSekar who contacted me & helped me by giving the pickup from my place when I replied in mail that I don’t have any transport medium @ early morning.

Just was picking the garbage on the grass, was hearing jovial sounds from the other side near Adyar River back water, that minute really felt great the team was celebrating the clean-up inside the ditched garbage mixed with dead fishes. That moment made me to get out from the grass and got into the real garbage dump.

World is so small with unconditional love. None of the soul I met before till that day became family members after that.

What are the activities of CTC that you are involved in?

The very first question many people used to ask me even till date; hey have you trekked? Till date am also saying I wish to go for trekking but am not making time for that.

Learnt that Volunteering is something about making time and definitely not spending time.

I have involved mainly into clean-up activities and other few volunteering. Doing waste management and campaigning Zero Waste awareness with our legend AshokRajendran.  

My first plantation drive on APJ AbdulKalam’s birthday anniversary in Sholinganallur and then wonderful plantation event on August 15th 2016 by Ainthinai, the same day CRK gave me a chance to donate blood; my brother SathishKumar also joined hands to donate blood when the requirement didn’t get fulfilled.

Involved in CTC blood donation camps.

Once in a while used to run with CTC folks, because I used to run alone near my residency. Even though I am doing marathons from June 2014, CTC running team will be a main reason that I have started participating in running & cycling without fear and self-underestimation.

Initiated doing Grow Your Own Saplings. Having a dream to spend lot of time with Ainthinai Team to join hands for sowing our own oxygen, let’s hope for the best.

Swimming the big challenge for me to learn and grab the Triathlete title; let’s 2017 will accomplish that in my physical activities.

What will you say has been your biggest achievement when it comes along with CTC?

CTC the LIFE CHANGING PLANET for free of cost!

Until 2016 I was missing myself with lot of continuous down arrows in my life. Maximum I used to be with depressed minded. I never share to anyone;

But CTC family occupied my mindsets and made me to not think about my past.

During CCC7, I was in more enthu for disturbing the core leads to do this thing that thing and all, but I failed to do field work in my zone. I failed to create time. Hope will contribute my level best in CCC8; and definitely am working on that.

CTC turned 8, Trek Polama 2016 surprised with the credibility; the momentum for the team;

I missed to participate CTM 2016 due to some family emergency; but participated my first ever full marathon in Auroville; wonderful run with nature; timing of 5:59; definitely CTC folks made this run when I was with 0 practices due to some health issue.

Lighthouse Lighters in #ZeroWaste Nochi Nagar & now in Srinivasapuram, ever first I spoke in mic for people  in public without any hesitation & stuck-up; Ashok, Sathya by seeing you people hardwork I just made it and am ready to travel along to create Zero Waste City!

Share any one of the CTC Best moments you had!

Definitely kotturpuram, adyar koovam river stretch clean-up; how and all the nearby people are living without any sanitary facilities, but those people also helped us to do clean-up; and the dedicated hard-work of volunteers who were keep on rushing to fight against the dumped garbage; without considering their personal and official status; for what we are united here; that moments were made a big impact in me;  

How do you manage your work life balance?

My working hours: 9am to 6pm. Maximum the clean-up would be at morning 6 to 7:30 am; so it helps me to not disturb my work life.

Any specific goals/dream that you are working on?

As CTC made my life by showing an everlasting enemy (VIRUS=PLASTICS); I took up the pledge to fight at the most to refuse/reduce/recycle that enemy. And making sure that the war will be taken place in a bigger way within few months of 2017. (SURPRISE…….)

How has your life changed after joining this CTC?

CTC is a not just a word, it’s an EMOTION! (Can’t list all the family members everyone hearing each of  the lovable idiots HEART BEAT!)

Peter, “Life starts at the end of our comfort zone” the one who never failed to inspire in all the way just by being so simple with a Jungle car! (Hope he never mind when I get into his car).

Got educated to not run for medals and certificates but just keep run with nature in on road, off road trails, hill run, trekking etc.…

After CTC I failed to fear for taking decisions. I have started motivating others. Many of my friends started to run even participating marathons also. People using to reduce the plastics at the maximum. People (juniors/seniors) used to share their thoughts.

I was 0 about caring stray animals; but now I couldn’t be idle if I am about to see any animals being struggle. Saved a stray dog’s life from a death bed by Nov 2016 (KrishnaPramod, Sakthivel, Sagar  helped me ton to save Meenu). Really feeling blessed. Feeding my street stray dogs/cows/cats maximum at my best.  The Pound, India pet parents and few more fb pages are helping a lot to save stray animals by interlinking nearby people. Having a dream to adopt stray animals in future.

On 12th Feb 2017, (In RKMSH 112th home day function) my brothers even the staffs who taught me in Gurukula appreciated me and wished me to move ahead towards my ultimate target.

Literally few of my folks used to call me as “Plastic man”!

Doing waste management wherever I used to go office/home/nearby juice shop….

Now a days am letting me for maximum of social activities either physically / mentally and both.

Got into much selflessness NGO’s activity: after CTC

SSTCN; night beach walk for Olive Ridely turtles nesting, Another great experience; seen a live nesting, the mother laid about 113 eggs and the mechanism amazed me how she dig and the way she secured the eggs and the way she created false image; extraordinary creation of nature.

Kri Foundation; a small Non-Profit organisation working in the field of public art and waste management.

Care & Welfare; Traffic awareness, another wonderful team working across the corners doing many mind blowing activities. (Involved in Anna university wall painting kotturpuram road for CCC7 awareness)

Chennai Food Bank; World Food Day 2016; fed around 70,000+ homeless people in many locations ; the team is regularly conducting food drives with huge number of volunteers.

Life With Equality; Food For All where I got a chance to avoid food wastages by collecting the excess food to feed the homeless living beings and learnt to care stray animals. Where I started to raise funds by collecting all the unused materials. Now adopting village for uplifting the people. 8th March 2017, the team surprised by launching ECO Friendly India for Women’s day to help the underprivileged women, transgender and specially abled.

D4V: Directions for Volunteer (yet to participate physically with the team) another team volunteering in many streams.

Danirasa Foundation: first time I heard about Women’s Rehabilitation, giving the life to be lived by providing enough training and the machines to work with, cleaning ponds, adopting farmers, uplifting physically challenged people. The NGO I liked very much by means of injecting the antivirus #clothbags to avoid using plastic bags from the old clothes and implemented the same in entire shops in a mall, in coimbatore, pazhamudhir shops, and few more corporates. Now doing some ground with them to inject the same antivirus to all the shops in Chennai. Stay Tune!

Thuli Trust; focusing on environmental issues and to help the needy. (I am physically yet to work in the field); doing many plantations, relief works inside and outside districts by grabbing the school, college students by the way of educating them about the importance of our environment and livelihoods.

Linking with NGO’s & youngsters initiatives never stopped like how serving with people also couldn’t get stopped, Thuvakkam (Gearing up the society by doing Cleanathon – Wall painting), Dhagam (doing a massive survey and working a lot for women rights) …. The list is giving hands to rise up our society!

Eco Green Foundation: The stage where am going to implement all the stunts I learnt (learning too) from the above real hero / heroines. Yes working like anything for some long term goodness to have a betterment society. We are in Community Based Development Program, Women’s empowerment, environment awareness, organic farming sectors, ECO tourism, income generating activities for women groups through wealth from waste concept & rural liftment.

The positive vibrations started flowing!

Share some of your cycling that you did in the CTC?

Did my first ever cycling in Chennai with CTC before a day of CCC7 40km. Did my next long distance ride on 31st Dec 2016 65.6km with gearless bike Mach-city; Recently Rode with Ashish Tiwari Sivarathri Ride around 85km with the same bike.
We have seen you in leading many of volunteering and how does this helps you outside CTC?
The Striving strength in CTC always drives me to lead one or two clean-ups. Whatever happens to held up in CTC definitely helps to live the life with sportive mind.  



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