CTC 10*10 Series 12

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
"I AM A RUNNER because I run. Not because I run Fast. Not because I run Far."

Consistency & Persistence are the things that drives you long ways & this has made us to finish more than 1000 kms in past 6 months, with 50+ strong runners completing this milestone. Its not just a mere run, rather it has become a part of life, the energy derived out of this pushes us to go beyond & farther. Our biggest achievement is not the distance or milestone we achieved but the more number of new runners we are able to motivate to lead a healthy lifestyle & make themselves fit. With more & more number of runners joining our running series, we are taking up this to next level & achieving every milestones. If you have not run, do join us as its never too late & its never too less. If you are a tired of running alone & don't find a company to run, do join us, we have some amazingly energetic runners. If you are tired of running on tar roads or worried of traffic, do join us to explore some beautiful unexplored trails. Come join us & explore the unexplored. Daily updates on venue/timings are posted in our CTC FB Group or get in touch with Ashish



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