Trek Polamaa 2017 - Feb 25-26, Post-event

Tuesday, February 28, 2017
This weekend we celebrated CTC's 9th anniversary through our annual Trek Polamaa Symposium. 8 guest speakers delivered 8 inspiring talks to a packed audience complemented by 5 CTC presentations and the annual Volunteer Awards to recognize our top contributors.

Conservation through field based research and education outreach - Dhiraj

My experiences of climbing Mt. Everest and running a marathon in Antarctica - Mala

The Farm Fresh Life : My Experiences of Starting and Nurturing a Self-Sustaining Farm - Kiruba

Snakes in the South Indian Ecosystem - Showkat

CRK Blood Donation

49 Life Savers donated blood on Saturday which will go towards the blood bank of the Egmore Government Hospital

CTC Ainthinai

CTC Zero-Waste - Nochikuppam

CTC Chennai Red Knights

Native Trees - Dr. D. Narasinham

Role of urban citizens in environmental conservation and protection - Piyush

No presentation

Food culture and it's political, socio-economic, ecological, cultural aspects - Sangeetha

Ultra Running - Ashok Daniel

CTC Photography Team

CTC Biking Team

CTC Top Volunteer Awards 2016

Peter Van Geit
Life starts at the end of our comfort zone



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