Post Event write up: CTC Eye cam Heritage Temple photo walk

Monday, February 6, 2017

Write up by: Megha Anand

A great way to break free from the mundaneness of one’s daily work routine. Get up, get set, get clickin’!

And the adventure begins…

When I first received an email about the photo walk, all I could do was restlessly get my hands onto the keypad to fill out the form.  The second dose of excitement began right after I reached the railway station.  Well my journey was a bit different from our usual meet ups. Crux of the minute, right when the train was about to depart, that’s when I met the organizers (Pramod, Vijaykumar and Infancia).​

Exploring life at Village Kumarancheri, Arakkonam

The people were simple, wonderful & cordial! Paati Gangamal was so awesome to pose for my photo and her baby granddaughter Poojamayuri, star of the show!

The greens have their own sense of beauty and the dwellings boast of vernacular (mud-wall, thatch and wood) architecture and our typical “thinnais”.

Playing drums along with the village kids was the best part! Keeping our spirits high and rejoicing with them was an amazing experience altogether.  Especially watching them perform folk dance and music for an on-going volleyball match.​

The bore well! I bet every single one of us out there had a lot of fun taking snaps in and around it. I was a bit afraid at first but started to enjoy it soon after I got in! Meeting all these random people, new faces and making good friends was evidently the best thing about this trip.

Look at all those happy faces! We took a million “selfies” at probably every place we stopped by, thanks to Shaji’s selfie stick. Setting foot on temple grounds…

The art of photography is in itself a blissful thing to enjoy…as each photograph, has a new story to tell. For an architect especially, it brings out all the intricate details, expressions, motifs, colours, emotions, styles and design from every moment of life he or she manages to capture and freeze. Thereby, the trip for me was not only about making new friends but also quite a refreshing way to enhance my observation skills, explore various parts of the town, study the traditional architecture styles of it, learn the culture of the people and enjoy to the fullest!

The three of us were definitely NOT lighting the lamps. Posing for the camera is always fun isn’t it?  A day well spent until sun-down…

And that marked the end of a happy journey—a lot of fun and frolic, laughter, chatter, comedy and crazy entertainment, thanks to all the wonderful people who joined the photo-walk that day!
Before I finish, here’s one last “googly faces” picture.



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