CTC Turns 9- Trek Polama - Feb 25-26 Speaker Profile: Sangeetha Sriram

Monday, February 6, 2017
"Food culture and it's political, socio-economic, ecological and cultural aspects"
by Sangeetha Sriram

Sangeetha Sriram is one of the co-founders of reStore, an organic store and have authored a book called 'Pasumai Puratchiyin Kathai' (The Story of Green Revolution). In her 12 years before starting reStore, Sangeetha was involved with various initiatives and movements on village self governance, waste management, environmental education, organic farming, youth education, alternative education for children, anti privatization of water, animal rights, engaged spirituality and so on, seeing the interconnections of them all. 
Currently also member of Ritambhara, which sees the larger political, socioeconomic, ecological, cultural crises as different manifestations of a spiritual crisis, and uses the framework of Yoga to enable an exploration of and development of the self and what it means to be a sacred activist. She is also involved in cross pollinating, networking and building meta-movements building synergies towards co-creating the New World.   

Chennai Trekking Club Turns 9 this February and If there is one event that brings all the nature-lovers under one roof, it is “Trek Polama”, the annual trekking symposium organized by the Chennai Trekking Club. Trek Polama is a two-day event that comprises talks, workshops, live demos by renowned speakers, in addition to a range of indoor and outdoor activities which happens on Feb 25-26, 2017. Don't miss out the talk. Invites coming soon !!
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