CTC Profiles - Ravikumar Swaminathan

Thursday, February 9, 2017
Featuring - Ravikumar Swaminathan

What are you currently doing (job/study)? your interests?
I do work in a Pvt software company like all the others in Chennai from Mid afternoon to night. Interest its keeps on adding daily to say so – Trekking, cycling, running, tree plantation, regular blood donator, cleanups and all CTC activities and started to join on Bike trips.

When & How  did you  get started  CTC?
If I remember correctly November 2011 I joined CTC on a Fresher trek to Nagala along with Team Emperors. From there on the Journey of wildlife and social events have began.

What are the activities of  CTC that  you are involved in?
I have involved way number of treks, Ultra cycling and Hill running, Tree plantation with Team Ainthinai, cycling and running around the city, source segregation, spreading awareness about plastics and sustainable living, volunteering in clean-ups and various CTC sport activities. 

What will you say has been your biggest achievement when it comes along with  CTC?
It has helps me stand out of all fears, can face anything attitude, what’s next question, ready for any challenge, I had developed lot of patients and people management in this long journey of CTC, most of my weekend are always planned or busy, post weekend I feel fresh for Monday and again start to plan for next weekend from Wednesday, CTC has given me a place where I can explore to any limits and it’s a platform for anyone.  

Anything else you might want to add?
CTC would stand/find the best person in you.

Share any one of the CTC Best moments you had !
All the moments that I had spend with CTC is always special, I never ever feel tired post CTC events its so much of energy. Right from trek to cycling or plantation or volunteering there is always something is happening around the year.
All the camp site that I had gone with CTC friends and all the trek and events that I have gone with like-minded souls.

How do you manage your work life balance ?
Before CTC I do not know what is work-life balance, but after joining CTC it is always life balance, where you work when you can and want J. You got morning 4 hours from 4 AM to 8 AM and evening from 6PM to 10PM. Hope its much time for you to balance it.

Any specific goals/dream that you are working on ?
Learn, Explore and world is big.

How has your life changed after joining this CTC ?
A lot of people have had asked me how you guys find time on weekends and weekdays seeing our activities in FB and social media. All I say is you need a start and rest CTC will make it happen. That a big life changing because that when people start to watch and follow you when they ask that question.
Share some of your cycling  that you did in the CTC?

The best ever cycling that I have enjoyed is Kalyaran hills, it one of the most awesome trail which has wonderful section of downhill’s and of course I can’t forget my Kodai Summer salt :P

We have seen you in leading many of volunteering and how does this helps you outside CTC ?
It gives me confidence and courage to speak out of fears at any forum. It helps me in leadership, interpersonal skills and improves my decision making skills.

What are you other interest?
Well, all my interest are in CTC, Oh you mean like Listening to music, watching movies and readying books - Yes you can add those as well. J



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