CTC's Chennai Swimathon, March 4th - Registrations Open

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Registrations Open

Event: Chennai Swimathon
Date: Mar 4, 2017
Objective: non-profit event to promote an active lifestyle through sports
Associated cause: Restoration of Chennai's lost green cover by CTC's Ainthinai

Venue: Open waters (150m), NO ropes, Chennai outskirts

Entry criteria: swim timing


Swimming will take place in an open water quarry (150m laps). 


Entry Criteria

Participants should be familiar with open water swimming and meet below entry criteria/timings for each respective category:

Novice1K50min1.2K / hour
Basic1K45min1.3K / hour
Intermediate2K1:20 hours1.5K / hour
Advanced4K2:5 hours1.6K / hour


Swimming laps are tracked by volunteers. Participants will be removed from water after below cut-off timings/pace:

CategoryDistanceReportingStartCut off MenPace MenCut off WomenPace Women
Basic5K5:00 AM5:30 AM3 hours1.6K / hour3:45 hours1.3K / hour
Intermediate10K5:00 AM5:30 AM6.5 hours1.5K / hour7.5 hours1.3K / hour
Advanced15K5:00 AM5:30 AM10.5 hours1.4K / hour11.5 hours1.3K / hour
Novice3K2:30 PM3:00 PM2.5 hours1.2K / hour3 hours1K / hour


Aid station will provide water, fruits, salt
Freshly made sandwiches


Finisher Medal will be given only to those who finish within the above cut-off timings. 
No rankings/podiums will be published (focus is on completion).

Participation shirt - optional (350Rs, Kalenji brand with CTC Swimathon Logo)


Bay of Life - Swim partner
Alert - First Aid Partner


"Due to recent cyclone Vardah, Chennai has lost significant part of its green cover. Ainthinai, CTC's green wing, is actively working with Forest Department and other NGOs in greening the city through tree plantations and maintenance drives throughout the year. Our volunteers planted 7000+ trees in the last 4 years in and around the city. We need your support to cover related expenses tools for planting, manure for saplings, including tree guards, irrigation, transportation, etc. Your help will go a long way in supporting the ongoing green momentum to make our city a greener and more beautiful place to live in.

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