CTC Turns 9- Trek Polama - Feb 25-26 Speaker Profile: Dr.D. Narasimhan

Tuesday, January 24, 2017
"Restoring our city with it's green cover"
by Dr. D. Narasimhan

Dr. D. Narasimhan is a professor and head of the department in Madras Christian College at the Department of Botany. He is well versed in Trees and he has guided so many projects for urban afforestation like Adyar poonga and conservation of ecological heritage and sacred sites. He also did research works at Theosophical Society. He started the 'Tree census' project ( few years back) in Chennai city. Currently, he is working on a project on ‘Mapping and Population studies of selected Endemic Trees of Southern Western Ghats'. He has done extensive research on the flora of tropical dry evergreen forests and southern western ghats as well as medicinal plant markets of Tamil Nadu and ethnobotany of Eastern ghats for the past 20 years. At present we have lost most of our green cover, and his talk would be about restoring the city's green cover. 

Don't miss out the talk that will motivate you to know more about native species, flora of western and eastern ghats and restoring city's green cover !! What are you waiting for ?



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