Plantation on OMR, Highways,Pooncheri near Thiruporur - Nov 20, 2016

Thursday, December 1, 2016
POST EVENT Write up [CTC Ainthinai] - Plantation on OMR, Highways,Pooncheri near Thiruporur - Nov 20, 2016

Happy to be a part of CTC's - Ainthinai team.
I have been in chennai for 5 yrs but only in last 5 months i am a regular at plantation events. All the volunteers i have seen here are just single minded people??? Yup they are spending their Sunday's for our future generation's live without any interrupt for their breath!!! I was surprised to notice a few volunteers are traveling one part of the city to almost other corner of the city every week!!!

Maximum all people will say i have no time so sorry i will join in next events and few will tease us like 'Naata thirutha poranama' - going to change this nation
Organizer's and volunteers are calling me as 'Machi' that single word gives me the feeling  that i am filled with friends and forgetting all stressful office work and motivates  me to be more active for upcoming events!!! 
While doing field work also we are enjoying by teasing others as friendly!!! 
Ainthinai's main motto is not only planting Saplings for the counts but they also organize maintenance drive too in alternative weekends!!!
Corporate company like CTS  are encouraging their associates to participate actively in the events by providing cab's. I met one of my college friend in green day location maintenance drive (kambaraja puram). He was teasing me when i am studying in college what you will get if do social work always!!! I saw the change here, that guy also participated Ainthinai's event bcos he might be understand now about our future!!!
I am inspired by few organizers like Manoj(chubby boy), Parthi(Rules), two Naan's(Naan nu solli oora emathum rendu jeevangal) , Siva(Cambodian king), Abirami (Swarna Akka) Thanapal(Dhulkar) Maas(Master lee) sorry ivanga peru mattum thaa enaku therium mathavangala machi illana ji nu kupte samalichuten !!! I just think only these people are always free on weekends but after that only i realized - ivanga ellarum green lovers nu(all these people are green lovers)
Night Camp nu solli samachu palaginaalum sapidra maathiri irukarathu thaan kootanchoru( during the night camp we learn how to cook but we will get final output as eatable one. We cant say the dish name while we start cooking, name can decide after cooking is done)
Photographers - you all are not a professional photographers but you all are showing us beautiful ( oru vela camera kulla fair & lovely cream hu poturupaangalo) i think they kept fair & lovely cream inside their lens😝
Teaching how to plant Saplings to all new entries ( vantha mothal naale namma English eh ketu shock aagaravanga) and how to dig and after planting how to keep supporting sticks and how to make bunds!!!
Since CTC is a non - profitable organization every will share the amounts min 50 rupees for food and refreshments - we are spending money for some other stuffs( evalovo selavu panroem itha panna maatoem ah)
Ingaiyum fun tha oru vada thaa tharanga(nee kudukara 50 roobaiku 50 vadai ah tharamudium) they will give one vada and pongal, idlies!!!
One funny moment if you share your plates with 5 or more people - everyone will eat faster and one who finish eating at last, needs to wash that plate lol 

Last but not least - wanna thank all the volunteers who is coming on Sundays and giving your valuable time for the good cause. Never give up efforts due to some  negative comments from people and take inspiration  from the  ones who appreciate you!!!
We are from different culture and different places but we are mingled together here for to do something for our society!!!
My chennai memories will not be an empty page - it will be  all ctc's events

About Kovai Sathish:( An IT Professional who was involved in planting trees over the weekend with a group of friends since 2008 at Coimbatore.
He is regular volunteer with CTC ainthinai since 5 months.
 He continues to support his home team when he visits his hometown and is passionate about blood donation.)

                                                                   WRITE UP BY MASANAMUTHU ARUNACHALAM

Every plantation drive is unique; every plantation drive is meaningful in a way we serve to Mother Nature. This is another unique event with the support of Highways department to plant saplings along the road side. The usual scene of pulling the trees out from the roads is now turned to be putting the trees back on the track.

Yes,The highways department officials are very friendly with Ainthinai team and understand the real concern of the environment impact on carbon emission comes out from the vechiles and supports us the solution of planting. We name the project as “Green Roads”, we have decided with the team to plant 2 kms of road – thiruporur to Mahabalipuram ( Near mahabalipuram toll gate ) with fencing and assuring good amount will be spent maintaining the saplings.

200+ Saplings has been planted by the green hands of CTC, 40+ Volunteers joined from different parts of city scarifying their Sunday morning lazy sleeping, The planted saplings are Maghilam, Naval, Poovarasu which are our native trees, that would adapt to the soil easily on the area we have planted.
The usual question comes in our mind,
🌿What would happen if the road is extended?
We have planted saplings on the boundaries of the highways dept area not near by the road. So our saplings will not see axes as enough space is left between the road and the saplings.
🌿Who will water the Saplings?
Highways department office is very near to the Mahabalipuram tollgate, they assured to water the saplings with a tractor regularly.

🌿How to prevent it from Cattles?
Fencing has been made with thorn tree (Seema Karuvela Maram, not the native tree – Karuvela Maram )

The event started with the usual Hi, Hello, Vada machan smiles. Volunteers placed in their positions with required tools and instructed well how to manage the pits good for saplings that were actually done with JCP – Machine work. The clay soil was not friendly to the volunteers to adjust the pits however team managed with good amount of physical work. The officer from Highways department didn’t stand on the road like BOSS – Thallu Thallu Thallu! Vadivelu job ☺ But they joined with us like a regular volunteers that is what we call it as “Be the Change”.

It was impressive to see their action on the field instead of just sponsoring the event with saplings. Few diamonds always exists inside the Government premises without glowing.
Tough souls kept planting saplings by placing support stick in the middle and covering the soil with mulching – bio dry leaves. Few kind hearts entertained the team with mokka jokes to keep the team up in the energy. Few kind hearts shared biscuits and supplied drinking water. Few shared their past trek, outdoor experience to the new comers.
Finally, we managed planting 200 saplings in both sides of the roads by 09:30 am starting from 07:00 am. Wow! that was a great effort indeed by Ainthinai volunteers.

Why do these guys make their time to plant saplings on Sunday morning instead of relaxing in home?
The passion drives you hard, so hard that makes time to have the satisfied heart ☺
The satisfied heart gives you the real relaxation with good amount of physical work and refreshing mind.
There are few conversions of people passing by roads which I want to highlight below, that gives clear picture on people’s view on seeing us digging pits, planting trees.
X: Hey, what is the crowd doing here?
Y: Chumma scene machan, plant pannitu facebookla poduvanga
X: What is the use of planting trees..who will water it ?
Y: Correctu. I don’t know why these guys are wasting time.
X: Bike slow down…slow..slow and gear up
Y: Enna machan…
X: Illa, chumma pathen. (Just saw)
X: Thambi, Freeya sapling tharuveengala ?

X: Enna sir… social servicea.. unga organization peru ?
Those were few funny comments passed on us, but it was really enjoyable. Nobody stopped the vehicle and asked for the reason of planting. Those were passing clouds that will never come back. ☺
We as a society need to have the courage to help the environment and spread the awareness to these passing clouds who has less awareness about the importance of tress.
We moved to Highways department office to have breakfast and filled out tummies with idly, pongal ☺ And, we never failed to  celebrate any volunteers B’day during the event, It was Cute-Manoj to be a victim to get the bums ☺

Cake cutting, selfies and post speech about the event to the volunteers went fine with a limited time. We left the location with the hope of Green Roads.
(About Masanamuthu: Been an active volunteer with CTC since 2011. A ardent and passionate trekker who is passionate about saving the environment and is actively involved in plantations and maintenance of trees since 4 years. A full time IT professional who apart from trekking,cycling and plantations is interested in spreading awareness about organic farming and benefits of mara chekku oil)
                                                         Write up by Raghu
Makkalae.. Folks.. Buddies.. Guys.  Uncles..  Gals. Aunties and  Aaayas...
When 30 % of the Chennai are in hang over from previous evening  party
When 30% of the Chennai are in relaxed mood what movie or beach or mall to go for the day with family or friends or bf or gf etc etc
When 20% of Chennai are in their native places
When 10% of Chennai have no clue what they gonna do
When 9.99999% of Chennai in fb what's app tinder insta etc etc.
We guys were here to kill the land and give birth to our babies(Trees). At times killing is good.. 
Arriving Morning 6 am @Shollinganallur is not that easy task that too on our precious day. Sunday.. 
Just an example of a routine for new comers or even for all
Night 10 30 pm -  90 % of our guys and gals will be chatting or talking busily and will be very tough to close the conversation..  In this moment only.. They will be in full form to chat with us..  
But with all sorrows we wind up the chat by 11 and will keep 5 alarms with tears and prayers
4 am......4.10...... 4.20.......4.25 ......4 30
After setting you will see -  5 hours left(WTF)  only 5 hours will be our reaction
If parents are there.  Will inform them as well
If friends are there will order them to wake up
In addition to this we ll ask  our husband or wife or  crush or bf or gf or best friend etc etc..  To wake us up sharp
Our prayers will be like -  oh god pleas wake me up
But our prayers will be working differently as below
For the guys like me - u will wake up. Brush ur teeth.  Pee and poo... U will open the gate.. 
Dai naaye(dog) .  Time is 1 30,am. Shut ur ass and sleep..  Was the voice of my mom.
For people like Abirami..  Either clock   will be one hour slow or she will wake up by 3 am and will wake us all and make us to sit in tea shop by 5 15 am(when meeting time is actually 6 am🙄)

And ultimate  you ll speak to the tea shop Anna for several minutes  Saying u want masala tea without milk(I.e) black tea in terms of Abirami. And finally he brings the tea with milk.!!
And people like me will think while bathing or pooing..whether will the event will be good..  Will the. People will mingle?


Guys like Naan Sundar and Heaven Guy  will think whether good looking girls will come that too single.. 😀
Will. I. Be able to give lift..  Will I be dropped by some cutie pie.. Chubby..  Bubbly etc etc guy or gal...
Will I have energy to plant?
Will any infection come when we touch mud ?
..  All these questions will run
through until u step out..  ?
So this much big essay is just to say..
U guys and gals are rocking..  

After going throuhh these many issues..  We are just stepping out for saving mother nature and a green environment 
We are always different
When some advises you saying why u are like this..  Think that they are in or from  different world..
Also was nice to see guys coming with their parents..  And some times whole family come..


Orae  oru punch :If people break your heart,  come here and break your bones with sports activities.. Also sweat the tears for greener world and Bleed the blood for the need!PS - ingu nadantha anaithum karpanayae. (All were imaginations.. 😝
Yaar manadhaiyum punpudutha alla.(Not to hurt any one!!)
(About Raghu: A full time IT professional who loves exploring the outdoors. An active volunteer with CTC last 1 year and a regular at plantation events. His hobbies include trekking and is passionate about spreading awareness on organ donations Click here to read his story)
Team Ainthinai



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