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Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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''An Epic Story Of Live With Your Bike ''

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Where to start? How do I tell this Epic Story that I got to be a part of. A blissful experience that anyone would wish for.  I thought very hard to come up with one word 
that would sum-up the whole experience of LWYB, but I  failed miserably. That was how amazing this ride was. Should I feel lucky to have lived through this
or should i keep wondering how it happened. Yet, it doesn't feel like a dream. Not even for an instant. It’s too real. You only need to close your 
eyes for a second. The whirlwind of images and memories that hit you, are proof of what you’ve accomplished.
A dream of a lifetime for any biker. 

Leh War Museum

It all started from the train ride. The energy and excitement was running high, filled with fun and laughter, non-stop eating, card games and uninterrupted
snoring (by a few). The sound still echoes in my ears. Then the touch down at Delhi. An overwhelming feeling that we soon be with our 
machines and start our adventure, thrilled us to no end.

The moment we saw our bikes was an emotional roller coaster of sorts. To be able to see your companion after two weeks,
reminded us of the longing we felt and the journey ahead. It's more of a conversation with your bike.To join hands together for one of the 
most wonderful and testing rides, we placed our trust in our machines and sped away from Okhla towards the mountains.

The ride started off with faces smiling and hearts thumping!! The sounds of the machines made everyone in Delhi to gape in awe! The riders drove
passionately from the get go, zipping through the Delhi traffic with insane skills. As we rode towards Manali and beyond, the numerous tea,
biscuit stops punctuated with jolly conversations, kept us energized. 

The first view of the snow covered peak was breathtaking, it set the tone for the rest of the ride. It felt so surreal to realize that you are witnessing first-hand, 
something you have only seen on the screen. The valleys we crossed and the mountains we climbed were a testament to the alluring beauty of the Himalayas. 
Deep valleys, High passes, Flowing Rivers, dense forest, chilling weather, sharp sun and the changing colours of the mountains, were a treat to the eyes. 
You understand why they are called "THE Himalayas". It’s a place like no other on Earth. The Himalayas are both a destination and a journey in itself.
People often say the line “TheMountains are calling”, and it’s absolutely true.

It wasn’t only the mountains and valleys that made us feel at ease, it was mainly their people. Their humble nature, smiling faces,
kindness and hospitality made us feel welcome. 

The journey took us from Manali to Leh. We met many adventurous souls, savored the local cuisine, clicked many a picture and all the way, 
soaked in the magnificent sights.

On our way to Kargil, the night sky beckoned us to stop and star gaze. I don't know if I can describe that experience in words. The coldest night and the darkest sky with 
billion stars that makes you forget all the math you studied in school. Seeing the Milky Way in front of your eyes, the white milky band running across the sky, 
makes you pause for a minute and ponder; how miniscule we are in this vast universe. It makes you appreciate the little life that we all have.  An out of the world feeling
that makes you feel like you are floating with the stars. Surrounded by the best of friends, yet, in that peaceful darkness, it’s just you and the universe.
A surreal feeling very humbling and divine.

Living in the south for most of my life, sadly I was unaware of the perils our soldiers faced, until we reached Kargil. My respect for the Indian Army went sky high.
The amount of patriotism and love that these soldiers have for our country will make you introspect. For most of us, only Independence Day is the day of patriotic feelings.
But to go there and stand in the ground of martyrs, the Kargil War memorial, to see and hear what these young men have done to save our borders and to protect 
our people, its beyond anything you could ever imagine.

kargil war Memorial

I encourage every one of you to go and see our Army throughout J&K. The countless salutes and the smiles of bravery and pride made our days. 
The army convoys we crossed and the officers we have spoken to, inspired us to do more for our motherland. 

pangong lake

From Kargil, our ride took us to Panong Lake via Khardung-la and the gorgeous Nubra Valley. Pangong Tso, a highland lake of indescribable beauty, 
stretched into the horizon. We sat content on its shores, gazing at its shimmering, colour changing waters. A couple of days and perilous rides later, we were back in
Delhi and the LWYB was done and dusted. 

I wouldn’t be doing justice to this write up if I don't mention the fellow riders. Saba and Mano you guys were the pillars of the ride. Sasi, hats off to you, every day you rode
extra miles for finding food, stay, transportation and routes. Praveen, with your impeccable riding skills, jovial attitude and easy-to-approach nature, you made everyone
feel at ease. Can't express the fun we had throughout the trip. Elakiya, the finesse and control with which you handled your bike, made you one of the best riders. 
Remarkable skills! Balaji and Vikku, you guys taught patience and perseverance every rider should have. Balaji, you made sure the whole ride was safe without any
major incidents. This whole trip was extra fun in one room and that is only because of my roomies Mohan Babu, Sundar and Sasi. Mohan, your subtle comedies and
Sundar's baby will never be forgotten. In addition to being our Moments Mohan, your easy going attitude needs mention. Sundar –the designated funny guy, you
lightened up any situation and took wonderful photos as well. You guys are buddies for a life time. Can't ask for more. Hema, your endless negotiations at the hotels
and the non-stop laughter was matched only by your helping nature. Malayala Vishwa you made the whole trip easy for everyone of us. Your commitment to the ride 
was real and beyond words. Roopa - Pillion of three days but an awesome one indeed. Bala, the friendliest of all. Helpful at every twist and turn. Inayath, your love 
for that bike, the millions of pictures you took of it in every valley, every hill, everyriver, every tea shop and in front of every restroom goes to show 
your love for your bike and this ride as a whole.

LiveWithYourBike - Season 5 - Team

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill

I could not wish for a better group to go on a ride like this . You guys were the best. Shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand you guys stood together as a team. 
Can I be proud of this ride as my personal achievement?  I don't think so. It is you guys who made this possible. We rode as a team, we supported each other as a team,
and we finished it as a team. The happy moments, the sad moments, the hair-raising rides, we were in it as one. The mountains will stand long after we are gone to tell the tale.

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

It is often said that when you travel, it alters your soul and shifts your thinking. It sure did. My first LWYB and definitely not the last with The Emperors. 
This time at the end of the ride, it was not a good bye to the mountains, it was a silent message, a bond, a secret, a story yet to write
 Until we meet again old friend, stand tall as you do!!   


Write Up By    
Roopa Chozhan N

Organized By :
Balaji G , Mano R , Praveen Y , Saba V
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Vinoth Y , Arun Prabahar , Dr Approva 

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