Plantation and Palm Seed Sowing @ Manapakkam - Nov 12 & 27, 2016

Wednesday, November 9, 2016
CTC Aintinai team thanks all the volunteers who have spent their valuable weekend at the banks of river Adayar at Manapakkam in Sowing Palm seeds Planting, Maintaining Saplings.

Palm tree takes minimum 15 to 20 years to give benefit. There is an ancient Tamil saying which says that a person who plants palm tree is mature enough to think about the next generation, as most of the benefit will be for the next generation. Since crores of palm trees exists and existed in India this talks about the compassionate culture with which people lived here.We have lost the crores of Palm trees gifted to us by our forefathers over the period of time because of our short-sight. A tree which grown over several decades were sold our for just fifty rupees or even lesser in many villages to brick industries. The Trees which hosted nests for several hundred birds and provided fruits to us were converted to ash in no time. Any small effort is valuable at such a time. 
Few hundred Palm seeds were sown in last few months by Team Ainthinai on various lake bunds across  and Outskirts of Chennai. We hope this grows and  benefit the next generation.
November 12
Number of Volunteers :28
Number of Plam seeds : 100
Number of Saplings : 10
Mulching done for saplings planted before.

November 27
Number of Volunteers :18
Number of Plam seeds : 100
Number of Saplings : 50
Watering done for Saplings planted on and before November 27.


Uses of Palm Tree:

Palm sugar was one of the important export item from India a few centuries ago when the East India Company was functioning in India.
Till, about 150 years ago, until British induced the influx of white cane sugar, palm sugar was the staple sweetener used by Indians. Because of Palm Sugar’s rich calcium, iron and vitamins, the bone strength and general health of people was good. After the change in this food habit, the Indian population fell into severe malnutrition and anemia. Today every 3rd malnutritioned child is an indian child. 3 out of 5 indian women living in village is anemic.

Drinking Palm Neera used to be the break fast of Indians during the flowering season of the tree. Looking at the nutrition it adds everyday, off the flowering season, people didn’t want to loose the advantage. So they condensed palm neera into palm sugar and started consuming everyday with hot and cold drinks like ‘paanagam’. In many places the habit of eating a bit of palm sugar before drinking water anytime, existed! (My own grandma maintained this habit everyday till she died at the age of 85 and her general health especially her bone and denture health was amazing! She didn’t loose her teeth till 80 years of age!)



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