Post trek Poem - Nagala Moderate October 1,2 2016

Monday, October 10, 2016
Heights and Nights
by Vino
To be found, one must be first lost,
We’ll get to the campsite whatever be the cost.
Strength of the wolf is the strength of the pack,
Even desperation gives the strength you lack.
Hearken to them, the beat,
Of your heart, louder than the thunder that promises escape from heat.
Let them scream, let them curse
You will have days for your body to nurse.
The ecstasy that gives the view
The few who’ve reached there alone knew.
Worn out soles or broken toes
Forward our step always goes.
Envy them, the leaves that wither and fall 
from the mountains so very tall
For, only they have unheard tales for us all.
Knees may tremble out of fear
While sliding a slope the end of which you don’t see anywhere near.

Thank your feet, for, despite the pain, they bear you through every slope that rise
Though it is the eyes which always enjoy the views wondrous and nice,
What can one do but freeze,
When at the top one hears the music of the gentle breeze.
Heights and nights will always fail
To stop us wildly shaking our tail
We are still the untamed ape
Though the tails miss our present shape.
How we’d like to spend a day
Jumping and hopping all the way.
Wiping the sweat and blood off the punctured skin

We get ready for the adventures to this akin.



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