Post Event Write up on Ainthinai Plantation @ Tirusulam Govt Middle School

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


 Write up from Ajay Velappan

First of all i thank CTC Ainthinai for initiating such events with magnanimous heart.

Tirusulam event was my first volunteering activity on Planting of saplings. I felt very much satisfied participating in this event.

Initially i heard from the organizers that planting of sapling is going to be held in Tirusulam hills( terrain), so i was very much excited to participate in the event, but  due to some reason the activity was carried out in  govt middle school at tirusulam  with same amount of excitement. Kudos to organizers for having contingency plan for these kind of events where volunteers gather for a good cause.

I haven't lifted a trenching hoe and crowbar in my lifetime until that day, it was indeed a pleasure( little physical pain😉as well) holding those tools to dig and get your hands dirt to planting a sapling. I self realized the pain of farmers by then a little more than usual, who do these activities throughout their lifetime.

The school management( especially the Headmistress and Asst.HM) were extremely supportive to carry on this event at their premises and also encouraged us to do such activities at their premises in future.

A girl named "Uma" who is the student of class 8 in that school celebrated her b'day on the same day with her parents and all of us(Ainthinai team), heard from HM that she  is very studious, and secured a Science award and cash price worth 5K this year and we wished her many more to come in the near future. She felt very happy after our team arranged a cake for her( very special moment for her and also for us). Making someone feel special and happy is not easy, and hopefully our team did that to the little girl on her special day. Fingers crossed, she will cherish those moments in the years to come. Her parents were extremely supportive and helped us  to carry on our activities.

Few kids also joined us and were so enthusiastic in their involvement throughout the event Looking forward to meet them soon in similar kind of activities to be held there.

I personally shared my experience with few of my friends to participate in these kind of events to do something to the environment in return( what i did was 0.000001%) still lot more to do.

This event fulfilled my longterm wish( Yeah, yes i planted a sapling). Apart from that, i had a chance of interacting with few people those who actively participates in marathon, trekking, triathlon. Oh Gosh!! these guys are super awesome, to keep themselves physically fit. I couldn't  even imagine the amount of training and efforts they put in!!! They truly inspired me. YES, I have started jogging from then on. 

Special mention to Nambi, Vijay( from IBM) and Abirami who supported rookie volunteers(like me) to getting things done with fair amount of perfection.

I would like to engage myself with CTC Ainthinai on a longer run.


Team CTC Ainthinai



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