Update on CTC's Post-Flood Cleanup & Rehabilitation Efforts

Sunday, December 20, 2015
A quick update on CTC's ongoing post-flood cleanup & rehab efforts this week:

Tuesday & Friday - Suryanagar Cleanup

As part of the ongoing post-flood city cleanup initiative we clean-sweeped Suryanagar slum in Kotturpuram on the banks of the Adyar river last Tuesdan and Friday. 70 volunteers did a wonderful job in removing all accumulated garbage from streets and drainage. The slum was completely restored while we cleaned up a first section of the Adyar river which we plan to continue in coming weekday morning cleanups.

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Saturday - Flood impact survey @ Cuddalore

Last Saturday, a team of 30 volunteers traveled to Cuddalore to scout 25 remote hamlets to assess impact on homes and livelihood of flood impacted families and initiate initial planning and rehabilitation of some villages. We identified one particular hamlet where 110 homes had been partly or completely damaged which we plan to adopt and assist in reconstruction.

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Sunday - Chitranagar Cleanup

4th post-flood Chennai cleanup by Chennai Trekking ClubChennai Runners and United Way of Chennai in an ongoing effort to restore the city to its original beauty. This morning we focused on Suryanagar (Kotturpuram slum) on the banks of the Adyar river to make the neighborhood more livable again for its residents. After initial rescue efforts, immediate food distribution and two subsequent cleanups at Suryanagar we have become familiar faces to the residents who are started appreciating our ongoing relief and rehab efforts. Jewel in the crown this morning was the complete restoration of the children's play ground.
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