CTC TN Flood Relief Efforts Update & Call for Support - Update

Friday, December 11, 2015
A quick update on the progress of our ongoing relief efforts:

Yesterday CTC's Flood Relief Center and other NGOs/individuals directed relief to 25 areas around the city where no help had reached yet. Volunteers scouted and added a few new flood affected neighborhoods to our Flood Relief MapWe now have 51 areas which require relief and total 34 cleared72 still untouched areas need to be scouted by volunteers to assess the relief status:

Requesting volunteers and NGOs to go to relief.chennaitrekkers.org to scout still unreached areas and help us in delivering relief to areas in need:

Our relief efforts are covered today in DT Next supplement of Dina Thanthi today

Things are heating up in our new CTC Relief Center at Annail Arul Kalyana Mandabam, near camp road signal, Tambaram where volunteers are working hard unloading, segregating and distributing relief materials. Volunteers are needed tonight to help out:

Our team in North Chennai is also actively engaged in scouting unreached areas and directing relief to those in need. Some of the affected areas are still flooded and families have not been able to return to their homes:

No words to describe the efforts of our team CTC in Pondy:

The rains has been inundating for the past many days. Now many places around cuddalore has been very badly damaged. People are home less, crops are damaged, property gone, roads at many places gone missing, etc., There has been generous people who have chipped in to do something to help out in this dire situation. Friends from Chennai Trekking Club gave a call for yours truly to join in while the group land in Cuddalore to do volunteer work. Myself and friends from Cuddalore Bikers Club joined in to make out whatever possible to churn out something good.

Relief materials arrived from Coimbatore and friends from Pondy who are members of Chennai Trekking Club arrived in the morning. Together we set some of the strings straight with meeting the officials in the government and knowing what help is needed and where it is needed. Thanks to Rajendra Ratnoo sir, whose guidance was really helpful in getting the right directions from the government officials.Relief materials were segregated, food was cooked, transported to the needed people. 

This relief work goes on days together. There is flow of relief materials in plenty but there is a need for volunteers to direct the churned result to the right place at the right time.  The climate is too wet with rains are continuously inundating the town. So, volunteers need to take turn and do the work. If you are intereseted, please do join in to do something good. If you have many friends who are interested to come, please do not come together. Please split up and take turns and participate as its difficult to be here continuously as its always wet and may be difficult.

Malan Jo A Positive at +91 9994250303 ,
Kavi VT at +91 9894269947,
Srinivasan Ethirajalu Myself at +91 9944945559 for directions.

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