Post event Emperors cycling, South of Chennai 20th Sep

Thursday, November 5, 2015
Excellent write-up from Kannappa Palaniappan

"Let me first take an “Anticipatory bail” as I am first timer to this CTC Cycling and I don’t know the names of many and the facts and figure many not be precise. It is a First Information Report from a first timer. Enjoy reading. Who would like to get up at the middle of night (around 3 AM)…but we did (most of us).Who will take up a ride where u don’t know what is in offer for and that also we did. 

We bunch of (~ 25) strong willed crazy minded cyclers gathered up at Medavakkam at around 0530hrs after each where riding - I don’t know how any many kilometer to reach there. Many were seasoned riders from the look of their bikes and attire (as mine seemed a regular cycle).We shared smiles with each other and thought that the ride is going to be easy as it said Easy(but I forgot the ++ and which did made the difference).

The route was very clear- just follow the leader and leader follows the instincts – that sounds fun and the ride was on. With no clue of where the meandering roads are leading me, I kept the pace with the team, sharing stories and adventures. It was at leisure pace and the name boards were breezing past us. I somehow read the leaders mind and found that the road is Medavakkam Mambakkam Rd.In the way we took a right turn somewhere and entered the off roading phase. The tracks were infested with thorn and we managed to get out un-punctured. The track was having sand patches and all were having difficult in keeping the heading and every while we slip here and there. At every transitions and turns, our organizers were there to guide and push us. Directions were marked by the veterans in the roads (with ingenious improvised marker – “senngal”)

All through the village we were welcomed with Ganapthy Bappa Moriya and every street was geared up for the celebrations. And while in the forest zones - occasionally we attracted the stares of few people when we trespassed into their private toilets (their mind voices sounded – yevanda ivenga kalela kakkusooo kooda pokavidamattenkiranga… )
As sun started bright up, the team was in the lake area and all were settled for few photo sessions and snacks. We even had the luck to see Aeromodelling folks practicing their model planes. Someone had even spotted “Thala” Ajith flying his plane there.

After some more riding the high way we reached halted for snacks and drinks in a pottikadai at Kayar. Then the team split up into a big chunk and a small chunk and small team set course for breakfast zone and the big team went for yet another forest trail. This time we did found the track more demanding as Breakfast thoughts are set in mind and Mr.Masu hinted that we may get the breakfast. The very word “may get” had profound effect mine psyche. We ended up in a place were almost 35000 tree sapling were planted and there were plenty of water pools constructed for watering them. Few more photos and selfie.

We all set rushing to the food point with a hope of getting some great food. Yes to the word, the Idli+ sambar +chutney combo was so tasty (Pulikku pasicha pullu kooda leg piece than) and I realized how good it could be. Plenty of juice, butter milk and Bovonto made it a Sampoorn Ahar.Then few parted ways to their home and the remaining team started back to Mabamakkam.  Mr.Masu had something special for us.

You couldn’t have guessed it, it is Press Coverage from Hiundustan Times(Wow let me put some make up and where is my RAYBAN..)The press photographer joined us near a lake area on the return way and we posed for few more photographs. Then we were asked to pose as if planting seeds as part of afforestation project in the area. We were giggling after seeing them searching for the lost coins (yaaru petha pullangalo ippadi chiderunna sillarai thedunthunga….) Then some more serious cycling poses in the tar and with that we are all on the way back.We had two ladies on bikes and one of them chose to make a different ride. She decided to carry her cycle and joined as pillion rider of Mr.Yazar’s Bike and covered the kilometers easily. The other was determined to make it to home by all herself.


At mambakkam we quenched our thirst as juice was plenty. Later many parted ways and me and Surya where set course towards IITM. It was long ride before we see Medavakkam then to Velachery and then sweet home. But organizers had something better in mind, as we reached somewhere the bunch of riders were planning something. We too joined the discussion. It was worth joining the meeting as it benefitted us the most.

It was that we will make the remaining journey atop a Petti Auto – cool. There we go. 6 of us loaded our cycles and enjoyed the comfort (yes,u have to pay for it as this is not covered by organizers). Within no time we are at home.1000 word essay is less to put all that went through and excuse me if I missed something.

Now I can bombard my FB page with heroics and talk about “that and this” of the Emperor Cycling with CTC. The balance money after food and other expenses was donated to  ANBAKAM, a special school for Mentally challenged people near Kayar .
Thanks to all - good supporting organizers and a cheerful bunch of cycling crazy fellows." 



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