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Thursday, September 10, 2015

BIB Distribution
BIB distribution is on Saturday Sep 12th 10am-5pm at The Westin Velachery hotel. Any race related queries can be clarified at our info desk. 

This email contains useful information on how to reach the running venue GOJAN Collegevenue facilities, overnight stay, reporting timings and event flow. Please read through it carefully.

Venue Details
The CTM running venue is located at Cholavaram lake near Red Hills at the Chennai city's Northern outskirts, a 45 min ride from Koyambedu along National Highway 5. The start/finish venue is GOJAN College of Business and Technology - CTM's Hospitality Partner - with proper facilities for parkingcanteentoilets and free overnight stay (basic flooring facility). We highly recommend runners to consider staying (free) overnight on Saturday evening to avoid early morning travel on Sunday before the run. To plan your travel make note of the travel timings from various points in the city below:
Reporting timings ⏰
Please report sharp on time at the below timings at the venue on 13th Sept (Sunday):
  • Ultra Marathon (50K) - 4:30 am
  • Full Marathon (42K)  - 4:30 am
  • Half Marathon (21K)  - 5:30 am
Overnight Stay⛺
There is a large covered open space where runners can stay free overnight on Saturday (no separate registration required). Some 200+ runners and volunteers stayed at the campus in previous years. Those opting to stay overnight please bring along following items:
  • Sleeping Mat
  • Blanket
  • Torch
  • Odomos (just in case)
Toilets are available at various locations around the campus. 
Hotels to Stay🏨🏩
Outstation runners looking for a hotel to stay can consider the following suggestions, which are about 17 kms (45 mins drive) from the venue
Contact details:
Landline: +9144 26512255 / 26511415
Mobile: +91 91760 28198
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2) SVM Residency - http://svmresidency.com/
Contact details:
Landline: +9144 25560207 / 25561598 
Mobile: +91 9840449429
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Breakfast will be provided on Sunday at Gojan canteen. Runners can show their BIBs to collect their breakfast. Breakfast coupons (Rs. 70/-) for visitors / supports can be purchased on Sept 12 at Westin hotel, Velacherry or on the spot from our Info desk. 
We have also arranged for dinner on Saturday for runners and their supporters/visitors who would be arriving at Gojan campus to stay overnight. Dinner coupon (Rs. 70/-) needs to be purchased at the Westin hotel, Velacherry during BIB collection or on the spot. 
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  • Upon arrival enter the campus through the main gate entrance
  • Park your vehicles at the designated parking areas for bikes and cars - do not part your vehicles blocking the way or path
  • For any queries please report to our Info Desk
  • Keep valuables and luggage inside your vehicles - we highly advise not to bring valuables to the venue
  • There is a luggage desk for those who wish to check in their baggage, but we suggest you to minimize your luggage for check in and keep most of your luggage, (particularly valuables) inside your locked vehicles. Organizers will not be responsible for loss or theft of valuables.
  • Toilets are available at several locations around the campus - please help us keep the toilets clean and neat for others to use them.
  • Report at the open space for warm-up and stretching
  • Refreshments/First Aid is available at the starting point
Our Volunteers would be available at the campus to help you out with any queries
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Start 🏁

After warm-up and stretches, the marathon will be flagged off at below timings:
  • Ultra Marathon (50K) - start: 5:00 am
  • Full Marathon (42K) - start: 5:00 am
  • Half Marathon (21K) - start: 6:00 am
To provide an enjoyable running experience to all, Half Marathon runners will be sub-divided in 5 timing categories near the start line according to your individual HM run timing:
  • Category A: sub 2 hours
  • Category B: sub 2:15
  • Category C: sub 2:30
  • Category D: sub 2:45
  • Category E: others
This will ensure smooth flow of the large number of HM runners along the initial narrow trail stretch and will minimize initial over-taking. We request all HM runners to cooperate and report to your respective timing category at the start line. Categories will be indicated with banners and separated by ropes.
Cut-off: ⌚
Eligibility for Medal / Certificate
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Timing Chip:⏳
CTM 2015 is a timed event, therefore every runner is requested to ensure that their timing chips are properly attached to the BIB.
Ensure that they run across the timing mat kept at the starting point of the run and also ensure that they run across the timing mat during the completion
SMS generated at the end of the race is only tentative and is subject to changes.  
  • You ll receive your finisher medal as you run through the finish line
  • Immediately move to the finisher podiums to take a podium photo
  • Go to the Physio building for post-run cool down and stretches
  • Don't forget to pick up your luggage at the baggage desk
  • Proceed to the canteen for (free) breakfast (runners to show BIB)
Running Partners
We wish to thank our partners below for their association with and support for CTM 2015:

Our partners :


Team CTM



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